Looking for hikes led by botanists or naturalists

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My partner and I are planning our next trip to Garhwal. We are keen to learn to identify plants and birds and wildlife. We are wondering if people with knowledge of botany/zoology are leading guided hikes through areas of rich biodiversity. We are amateurs but have spent over 15 years observing, photographing, and growing plants native to California, so we have some familiarity with plant families and knowledge of our own to share. Would love to communicate with people like ourselves, serious enthusiasts or trained professionals who have a passion for the mountains and nature, and who want to deepen their appreciation of nature through species identification and observation. Is there a local nonprofit group like Uttarakhand Native Plant Society that might organize hikes like this? Welcome any tips or suggestions, including recommended field guides and books on Himalayan plants, birds, and wildlife. Thanks to the creators of this wonderful forum where I can even begin to put out this query.

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Thanks for starting this thread. very interesting idea indeed. I am aware of a guide based in Macleodgunj, Himachal Pradesh in India. He runs tour specially for bird watchers. I am not sure if he has enough knowledge about trees. I can connect with him. Besides there is Delhi bird photography club etc who runs these tours in and around Delhi. sometimes they also have tours in the mountain region as well. Bird watching tours and Botany related tours are still not that popular in India. it indeed has huge potential.

I will keep adding my findings under this thread and will try to help you as much as possible with my limited knowledge.

+- Vishnu

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