Horsley Hills
Travelogue Submitted By: Sujatha on 2017-04-14

Horsley Hills, named after W.D. Horsley, a British collector, is in Madanapalle Taluk of Chittoor district in Andhra Pradesh at an altitude of 4000 feet. Horsley had built his home here in the 1870's.

NO TITLE since I couldn’t think of a hooking one !


Let me first tell you for who all is this article NOT for.

1.    People looking for a place to visit with their family.

2.    People looking for a place to visit with girls in their group. (It’s BIG NO NO!!!)

3.    People looking for a place to visit and are a chicken! (If you know what I mean)


You’ll come to know the reason yourself soon enough.

Bhubaneswar Hotels

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India to spend Rs 275 crore to attract tourists

India will spend over Rs 275 crore to promote its destinations, art, culture and tradition to attract more tourists from abroad, Minister of State for Tourism Sultan Ahmed said New Delhi on Friday.