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I had posted one travelogue (Travelogue on Pindari Glacier Trekking). Now I find that barring few photos in the write-up all are vanished from the blog. In the space of the photograph you will find only a  figure of half circle with dash (-) in the middle.

Can you advise how to recover the photographs in the blog.

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Hi Ananta,

I had checked your forum post about Pindari glaciar trek and seems like you had copied it from your blogpost site. I can see these images are linking to some blogpost address. Can you check if these images are available on your original blogpost account ?

For instance one of the image is pointing to this address where it is no longer available.

Vishnu Kumar

Ananta Kumar Chaudhuri (not verified)
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I have posted the write-up in my blog. I used the Google's blogspot. At the time of writing I uploaded the photos from my desk top hard disc. In thinkingparticle I copied it from edit mode. What I find that in the blog also the photos are missing. Now again I started uploaded in the blog from desktop.

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