Himachal Pradesh

Some places freak you out with their hauntingly quiet isolation. Some grate on your nerves with their touristy cacaphony. And then there is Sarahan. Soaked in mythology, witness to a lot of interesting history, and surrounded by verdant mountains on all sides, this little temple town is just the right mix of serenity and bustle.

Chandratal – The lake of the moon
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Prayer Flags by Lake side
Prayer flags by the lake

Alternative to uttaranchal?

After devastating floods in Uttarakhand, I am looking for alternative trek routes in himachal which will take me closer to himalayan glaciers. Have heard and read a lot about kinnaur valley, lahul spiti, etc etc. I have got 10-12 days with me.

Somehow refraining myself to fill this article with my usual philosophical and dreamy utterance. Here is the draft version of the travel guide intended for all types of travelers to Kullu-Manali and adjoining valleys (Parvati, Banjar, Sainj etc). In order to avoid chaos, I am not including details about all the tourist attractions.

Trekking to Jana Water Fall | Falling uphill
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Jana Village
                                                      Jana Village

Naggar: Closet delight of Kullu Valley
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Town of Naggar
                                                   Town of Naggar

Naggar: Himachal Pradesh

Erstwhile Capital of Kullu Valley for about 1460 years, Naggar is a sleepy little town between Kullu and Manali situated on the other side of Beas River. Aside of lush green settings and snow-capped backdrop, Naggar is also blessed with many temples and ancient buildings. Among those, Naggar Castle is one of the finest example of Himalayan architecture and also the key tourist attraction of the town. Slow paced serene surroundings make it a perfect place for those who want to sit back amid Deodar meadows.

Dhankar- Spiti Valley

I was interested to see the article on Dhankar - Spiti Valley: