By mid-noon, I was in Raipur and headed to same restaurant to quench my burning appetite.

Barsoor: Chhattisgarh

Once home of nearly 147 temples and numerous ponds, Barsoor is a sleepy little town on the bank of Indravati River and some 95 km away from Jagdalpur (Via Geedam). Unlike Sirpur, Dating back to 10th and 11th centuries, Ruins of these temples are of no artistic wonders thus do not lure much tourists however the countryside filled with fields of rice and vegetables which makes it all green. Environs are lovely with natural ponds and undulating tract of low rising hills. 50 feet high, Mama-Bhanja-ka-Mandir (Temple of the maternal uncle and nephew) is the prime temple of archeological importance.

Bastar Dussehra-Chhattisgarh

Unlike rest of India where Dussehra is celebrated as an auspicious event of Lord Rama's victory over Ravana, Dussehra in Bastar district is a congregation of Devi moali (Deities) from all the nearby villages to Danteshwari Temple, Jagdalpur.Tribes from remote forests of Bastar come and participate in a lively and colorful fete. Exotic festival is nearly 500 years old and spans over 75 days. Garlanded chariot circuit is the most appealing ceremony of the festival.


Infamous as a hideouts of Naxalite Guerrillas, Bastar district of Chhattisgarh also known as land of tribes those comprise 70% of district population. Colorful festivals, intricate crafts and distinctive tribal culture lure intrepid travelers to the pristine forested region of Bastar. Major part of Bastar district is covered with dense forest which is home of rich biodiversity, medicinal plants, elusive fauna and spectacular waterfalls. Very off the beaten tracks, Bastar is an unexplored wonderland of Chhattisgarh but not for faint-hearted.