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Karnataka side of Hogenakkal Waterfalls

Hogenikkal is good, But i not

Hogenikkal is good, But i not wether localites are some loo catagry visitor have made this place a massage parlour. I don't know why one come so long for massage at hoganikkal, this is not a sea shore, nor sun knocks here as it is much of greenery. I think this is planned, No one gose to massage man, however they sho that they are busy. looks like they have there own person for massage, with a very bad body and shape.. and they do massage. What a shame of massage they are doing. Not getting any money as they have there own uncle and brother who are at service. I think there is some gang who pays to these person to make this place vorst so that no visitor come next time and go back to there palce and don't talk about this place. Beleave me if you remove thise nonsence people. this place will become even better than Nigra. I went to niagra, it is just one fall, but the maintenance and service by govt. maks that place better. This Hoganikkal i much better that any other fallas. trust me and go there, ignor thos massage man. you will be in heaven with beautiful sound.

Agreed upto a large extent...

Agreed upto a large extent...

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