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coral island

"bikini babe" hehehe

"bikini babe" hehehe lol..actually i had an vry funny incident regarding dis...

do share that then

then you should share that incident with other fellow travelers and promote tourism in Andman.. Smile

sorry i cant ///inappropiate

sorry i cant ///inappropiate content for site like dis Tongue Laughing out loud

Coral leaves

How's the possibilities of Scuba diving at Andman and what all are the primary attractions... I heard its really expensive.. tell us more about trip and help us planning ours...

sure i wld like to//well i

sure i wld like to//well i went der couple of yrs ago,and we went der through a travel agency so sorry to say dat i cant tell u bout expenses of hiring car/hotel acomodation etc..nywayz to tell u about the place its a truely a perfect destination for nature lover der r several visiting spots although i forget most of the names,and all of it has its own significat..i m trin to upload more and more pics..u can c der..the visting of "jaroa" area wz quite adventures,through the jungle area totally captured in bus,and seeing them in the jungle beside road standing with arrows in der hand wz quite scary Smile..der wz restriction to take snap of den becoz we wz warned dat if dey see us to taking snap of dem dey throw arrows,stone on the bus(although with the help of our bus driver i took a snap of dem ..thanx to our grt drivr Smile..
yes and about SCUBA DRIVING after the tsunami it iz stopped der but u can enjoy snorkelling(i dnt kno what actually it calls,dey provide us a waterproof gluss only and dey took us by boat at the area of coral u can swim der also if u kno swim obviously.den by sinking ur head u can see the colorfull corals)
and dont forget to go radhanagar beach from port blair a 4 hrs journey by ship,dat place is really amazing,even the area stay whole n8 der,and enjoy the foreign bikini beauty Wink nywayz jokes apart,and the ppl of der r amazing so friendly helpfull(dats obvious although as most of dem r bengali)]

not only this untill u go der u never will kno "yeh andaman cheez hey kya"love dis place want to once again but this time with friends only
and ya its little bit costly place

Informative write up

Thanks for informative write up... I had seen your new photographs as well..those are gorgeous.... seems like you had really awesome time in Andman... I think these are the only coral beach in India.... White beauty in Bikini is another attraction you mentioned... Laughing out loud... I hope to make it to Andman sometime... Smile

Keep Traveling
- Vishnu Kumar

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