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About Hazararama Temple Hampi Complete view

The hazararama temple is the only temple situated in the core of royal zone between the residential and ceremonial enclosures. Dedicated to Vishnu in his aspect as Lord Rama. This 15th century temple, is the finest example of a compact Dravia Vimana type of temple. In plan it has sanctum, vestibule, pillared dance hall, with an entrance porch to the north and south. The Eastern porch is extended into an elegant pillared pavilion. There is a shrine for the goddess to the north which is also elegantly sculpted.

The temple is known for its sculpted friezes depicting the Ramayana. In three tiers, running all around the main shrine, and the narrative sculptures of the Lava-Kusha story on the devi shrine. It is because of this that the temple was evidently called the Hazararama. In addition, the temple is also known for the narrative sculptures of the Bhagvata, especially of Bala Krishna, and the sculpted polished pillars of the Mahamantapa (main hall). It was undoubtedly. The temple of royal patronage.

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