Wine & Dine in Goa

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Goa offers different kinds of dishes to its travelers which are truly mouth watering and delicious. Consumption in Goa must not be a difficulty as Goa consists of various restaurants and food stuffs which are located at different sites whether it can be beaches, cities, towns or villages, one cannot remain questioning as to where to consume in Goa. It consists of several kinds of restaurants which provide multi cuisine dishes too. Other than this, one can even discover fast food items such as Domino's, Barista, Caffe Coffe Day in different towns and cities of Goa. As Goa was ruled by diverse empires, the cuisine is consists of a blend of different varieties.

Though in Goa, one can even try the local food which is provided in shacks and restaurants along the beach side. There are wide ranges of food items offered and plenty of food stuffs to buy which is even more delicious as well as tangy to try out. Hence, one can choose from the appetizing sea food or the lip licking non vegetarian cuisines which are offered widely in Goa. Vegetarians may not require hesitating or to worry about as Goa has abundance to propose their visitors. Since rice is the staple food crop of Goa, with it one make a preparation of lentils, meat, seafood in spicy and traditional style as well as different other exotic delicacies. An interesting blend of spices is utilized while preparing the meat, which tastes delightful once it is being prepared according to Goan style.

Goa is well-known for desserts as well as lots of consumption of juicy fruits such as custard apples, pineapples and various others. Even mangoes are very famous in Goa are very sweet and juicy. With this, one can always try different types of mocktails and juices of various fruits made by people. "Feni", is also one of the most familiar alcoholic drinks of Goa which must be consumed in moderate as it is very strong and can make anyone loose their senses in no time. So, try and get the best quality seafood that is spicy and tasty making it more pleasurable and happening holiday. Last but not the least, Goa is famous for its lively music performance that dazzle beaches with glamorous nightlife making entire place of Goa lightening near the beach side.

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A good write-up on Goa,thanks Julian Mogera.R u residing in Goa?I'd like to know more about the beaches as I have never visited Goa but wish to be there at some stage of my life,God permitting.Which is the best beach in Goa and what are the places which are a must-see and which are the ones that r optional, as I plan a longish trip whenever I manage one.I hear that hotels/accommodation in Goa is expensive.Can I get the low-budget ones at three-figure rates (i.e, less than 1000 bucks) as of today,and how do I book these accommodations?How long should a trip be for me to see every special place and some of the not-so-special ones also?Please let me have some details.Thanks

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Great blog.

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i love goa feni its brillint 

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