Conservation of Ganges dolphin

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Millions of Indians along the banks of the 2,500 km (1,550 mile)-long Ganges depend on the river, but unchecked levels of agricultural, industrial and domestic waste have poured in over the past decades, threatening the wildlife.

Five kilometers upstream from Narora, a five-hour drive west of New Delhi, the 350 megawatt nuclear power station that put this sleepy town on the map looms as a reminder of India's unrelenting drive for industrialization.

In Karnabas, a small village just upstream from Narora, a local drama troupe performs for more than 150 villagers.

"Humans are polluting our river!" an actor playing a Hindu god declared, a WWF banner celebrating World Dolphin Day hanging over the makeshift stage.

"The life of our Mother Ganga is endangered! Please do something!"

Distinguishable from its ocean-going cousin by a long, pointed snout, the Ganges dolphin is one of only four freshwater species in the world. The total population across India, Nepal and Bangladesh is estimated at 2,000, down from 4,500 in 1982.

ganges dolphin

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really sad for planet earth that we are slowly slowly killing other life counterparts.... Sad( ...I have never seen a dolphin in ganges and i am afraid that i'll never see one...

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