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Here to the wonderful people I came across, met, seen, greeted, lived with, traveled with during my winter days in Spiti.

Met these kids in Kalpa. They tried to impress me with their skating skills. Well, I am just naive. :D

Kids Skating in Kalpa

Luckily It was a warm (relatively) sunny day in Kaza and I was chatting with my friend Lotey about the work of NGOs in Spiti Valley. Lately Spiti became a favorite destination for NGOs to help local communities in organic farming etc or perhaps a desperate attempt to seek attention.

Shivering with cold, Sitting in the aisle of the fully packed mini bus, I was occasionally looking outside to the frozen landscape. We were driving though the desolated landscape of the high Himalayas. snowflakes welcomed us as we reached Nako and it was all white all around which made me wear sunglasses. In a short while, we entered to the mystic land of Spiti and my excitement was surging with every next inch we moved forward.

Cold breeze of January was gushing through the brief gap at the window beside the seat where i was hitting my head amidst half-sleep. Fortunately it was not foggy and at times i was listening to the occasional laughs of Lamas traveling with in the same bus. Next morning, I was in Rampur and bridge on the timid Sutlej welcomed me in the morning.

Overnight driving in the bitterly cold night of December and we reached the Shekhawati, the land of painted havelis. And a winter morning welcomed us with sunrays innocuously shining on the dew drops.