Trailing Gujarat: Eastern Kutch, Splendor of Rapar and Dholavira

Road to Dholavira
                                                       Road to Dholavira
We boarded the early morning bus (5:45 AM) from Bhuj to Ravechi. Just after occupying my window seat, I dozed out and it was quite chilly. First ray of the sun struck at my eyelid and I regained the conscience. Bus was fully packed with school kids and stopping between school and villages. Then I realized the basic purpose which bus fulfills in this part of Gujarat. These morning busses are mainly for connecting schools to the villages so that all the kids from rural part of Kutch can reach schools… Public transport is not just about connecting cities….It’s takes other aspect in account… so be patient and enjoy the entirety…
Arid Landscape near Dholavira Island
                                     Arid Landscape near Dholavira Island
Finally we made it to Rapar at 10:30 AM and lodged in one of the hotels near Bus stand. Rapar is the largest town in the eastern side of Kutch. With no other major town in its vicinity, Rapar is the only place with decent medical facilities, schools and markets. That’s the reason hundreds of people from nearby villages visit Rapar every day. There are just 2-3 basic hotels in Rapar and all are cheap and nasty.
Village near Lodrani Kutch
                                              Village near Lodrani Kutch
With its lazy settings, Rapar intrigued us and then caught our attention as a place for our extended stay. Influenced by the sluggishness of Rapar, we went for a quick nap under the sun and even forgot that we were supposed to head further to Dholavira, which is some 89 km from Rapar.  We had no idea how tricky it would be to cover those remaining 89 km despite having a half day in hand.  Mostly mini busses ply between Rapar and Dholavira. The next mini bus to Dholavira was departing in one hour but they mentioned that we will not get Bus back from Dholavira on that evening. The next Bus from Dholavira was in the morning.
Salt Marsh around Dholavira
                                               Salt Marsh around Dholavira
Pradeep Sir was apprehensive with the plan of reaching Dholavira and getting stranded for a night. I convinced him with an idea of getting a lift back to Rapar….Sometimes we should take some blind decisions…that’s the fun of traveling… As a contingency planning, I asked him to buy some fruits and snacks for our dinner…. We both were agreed with the idea of spending night in the bus or under some shelter…. Bus driver was stunned with our plan… Finally bus departed….
Cone Shape huts around Dholavira
                                           Cone Shape huts around Dholavira

How to reach Dholavira (Public Transport):  Dholavira is quite a remote village and very difficult to visit by public transport. The best option is to reach Rapar which is some 90 km before Dholavira… Stay overnight at Rapar.. Next morning, Get the first Mini bus to Dholavira (90 km, 40 Rs, 2 hours 30 minutes)… Visit Dholavira and return back to Rapar from Mini Bus…. The last Mini Bus from Dholavira to Rapar departs at 12:30 PM so you won’t be having much time for meaningless meandering.

* Direct bus from Bhuj to Dholavira departs at 2:30 PM which reaches Dholavira at 10:00 PM.
* 2-3 Direct busses (5:45 AM, 6:45 AM) to Rapar from Bhuj. The best option is to board the bus to Ravechi which departs from Bhuj at 6:00 AM and reaches Rapar around 10:30 AM.
* Mini busses ply between Rapar and Dholavira. These busses are painfully slow and their timings are very irregular. In fact you won’t be getting any return bus from Dholavira after 12:30 PM. surprisingly the last bus from Rapar to Dholavira is at 5:30 PM.

Famous Long Horn Bullock of Kutch
                                          Famous Long Horn Bullock of Kutch

* Rapar has got 2-3 basic hotels near Bus stand. These are more like home-stay and charges are nominal (200-300 INR per night)
* Dholavira has got only one accommodation option and seems like they provide dormitory as well. Dholavira Tourism Resort (9727784044,9427719044). If you are planning to stay overnight at Dholavira then I will recommend you to call them in advance and confirm. The place was deserted when I visited there.
* From my personal experience, I believe Dholavira does not have any eatery.
* Rapar has got handful of restaurants. Punjabi Daba near Adesar turn is the best pick of the town.
*** Hitch-hiking can be a favorable option if you get stuck in Dholavira. Chances are bright to get a lift till Rapar. I was lucky..

White Rann of Kutch before Dholavira
                                        White Rann of Kutch before Dholavira


Rapar to Dholavira is not an easy ride. Road condition is also not that good and there is no town to get help in case your vehicle gets any problem. Bus journey to Dholavira took us very close to the life of tribes and communities in this side of Kutch…. Their outfits, ornaments, eating habits…and most importantly their perception about us….The outsiders…. Bus stopped at many villages and every time we learnt something new… In the end, I helped the bus driver replacing a deflated tire..
Salt plain on the way to Khadir bet
                                     Salt plain on the way to Khadir bet

Finally Bus reached to the village of Shiranivadh which is the last village before the island of Khadir, where excavated site of Dholavira is located. A bridge over the white desert of Great Rann connects the island to Shiranivadh. It’s a vast terrain of salt marsh and exquisitely fascinating.  Many travelers visit Dholavira just for witnessing the white desert before the island. It’s an amazing site and even fall beyond the white desert of Dhordo. Unlike Dhordo, walking on the salt desert can be tricky here because it’s more of a swamp. Another glimpse of the white desert was truly fulfilling and made the day. Finally Bus arrived at Amrapar which is the first village on the Island. I felt like as if I reached to the other shore after a voyage. Finally Bus reached Dholavira which lies on the edge of island overlooking the Great Rann.  Excavation site of Dholavira is 1 km away from the Bus stop and can be easily located.
Khadir bet surrounded by white desert
                                   Khadir bet surrounded by white desert

Dholavira is a deserted village and quite off the tourist trail. Gujarat tourism department is doing remarkable job to promote it but its remote geographic location is a major hindrance. Most of the part of the Khadir Island is army base with little presence of ASI (Archeological Survey of India). Finally we reached to the excavated site which is nicely walled by ASI. Comprehensive Museum which displays artifacts recovered during excavation is located at the entrance of the site. Sincere visit to the Dholavira museum is must for grasping widespread interpretation of Harrapan civilization. Guide and curator are very welcoming and helping in nature. They are passionate about the whole site and explain everything in detail. Museum in itself is very informative and self-explanatory.
Dholavira Excavation Site
                                            Dholavira Excavation Site
We directly headed to the excavation site which was completely void of tourists. Despite of frailty with archeology, I was able to absorb (to some extent) what Dholavira was trying to convey. There was this thought…very strong…that these sullen surroundings were once a home of a stirring civilization…prosperous in every sense…evolving with time…and then time took its toll… Now there is nothing….except those memories buried under the ground… And we are digging their past…. Step wells, citadel, castle, bailey, and ceremonial grounds narrate their glory in a slow fashion… The best part of the Island is its serenity and awe-inspiring settings in the middle of Great Rann…. It was like standing in the middle of a white ocean which has no undulating motions on the surface… we meandered around the island for more than 2 hours and witnessed an exalting Sunset in the midst of the white sea fringed with floating islands….
Dholavira Museum
                                                 Dholavira Museum

Finally we returned back to the parking lot and started our incessant effort for getting a ride back to Rapar. Tourist inflow is thin in Dholavira hence we were not having a luxury of attempt. I remember we were categorically rejected 4-5 times which includes some lame excuses as well.  For the first time, I was rejoicing those rejections because deep down I wanted to spend a night on Khadir Island under the sky. Finally with the help of our generous guide, a driver agreed to drop us at Rapar. It was indeed the last tourist vehicle away from Dholavira.
Cactus at Dholavira excavation site
                               Cactus at Dholavira excavation site

It was already dusked so we withdrew the idea of getting down at the bridge over the white desert. I am unable to find a word which can go along with the degree of fascination we had about White Desert of Great Rann. We agreed to the plan of revisiting the white desert next morning which apparently could not materialize due to our lazy attitude ushered in as a side effect of Rapar.  Insanely fast driver covered that 89 km in just 2 hours and we touched down to Rapar again.
Southern Reservoir of Dholavira
                                        Southern Reservoir of Dholavira

In the evening, Rapar turns to a slow motion carnival adorned with dim street lights and pleasing soundtrack underlying. Far away from chaotic alternatives, Rapar is the town where you would love to spend weeks. The next appeasing side of Rapar was the meal we had in the Punjabi restaurant near Adesar circle. There is couple of eating options in Rapar and all offers delectable meals. Gujarati Thali is the best deal and economical as well. Motivated with ulterior curiosity about Rapar, I sauntered in the streets…chit chatted with Pan walas… acquainted with locals… enjoyed a fag under the stars…. Shadows of evening turned to night… artificial lights were off… Only curiosity was left… Sorry Rapar, I could not decipher you…. Then the night she fell….all around…


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Hello friends Anyone planning

Hello friends

Anyone planning to visit dholavira this winter than contact me. Our new resort is ready to welcome you all. We have desi bhunga with luxuary and confort. We have packages for rann safari,atv rides,delecious food; night out at white rann. 



Thank you.

Pravin Ahir




Hello Vishnu Kumar I am

Hello Vishnu Kumar

I am planning a vist in monsoon. What is your suggestion?



it would be hot and humid i

it would be hot and humid i believe

HI Vishnu  Your blog on Rann

HI Vishnu 

Your blog on Rann / Kutch has been a treasure trove of information! However I would like to ask for your advice / inputs on one point!

I was planning to spend a night in Dholavira 11th Feb Saturday but there is no accomodation available at Toran! Do you have any homestay nos?


Incase you dont do you think its practical to drive to Dholavira from Bhuj and back the same day. I would like to start from Dholavira after doing a bit of night photograpghy on White Rann and start back late from Dholavira say at night say around 8 / 9 pm ? Ideally I would like to stay back at Dholavira or Rapar but cant seem to get any guest house nos in Rapar or accoodation at Dholavira!


I know you have suggested that Dholavira is not the ideal place for moonrise sighting but nevertheless I would like to give it a shot!


Warm regards



Do you have any homestay nos?

Do you have any homestay nos? -- Unfortunately no, I stayed in Rapar.

It is possible but will be hectic. I would not suggest drive to Dholavira in single day. Dholavira is good place for moonlit photography but you need to have your own car to get closed to the white desert.

I do not think it will be a problem to get a guest house in Rapar.

+- Vishnu

Hi Vishnu, Me and my friends

Hi Vishnu,

Me and my friends group of around 7 ppl are planning for rann of kutch trip..

we have booked resort near bhirandiyara and planning to hire a rented car.

We are travelling from bangalore to ahmedabad ,ahmedabad to bhuj and from there kala dungar, dhordo on full moon day (feb 10th)

we will stay that night and next day (feb 11th) morning we are leaving to dholavira.

can you please suggest if this plan is fine or if we can cover some extra places too?


and how abt public transport to ahmedabad from Rapar/any near by town ?

I hope Karan was able to help

I hope Karan was able to help you.

To me, Plan looks OK. From Rapar, you need to come down to the highway and then take any bus going to Ahemdabad.

Would be there around same

Would be there around same time. Let me know in case you need anything :) 

9920613820. Karan

Ohh thats nice Karan.. sure

Ohh thats nice Karan.. sure man .Thanks. Have a great trip enjoy..

It looks like a perfect

It looks like a perfect plan...from Rapar, there are not many buses but you can come to Ahmedabad-Bhuj highway and then take bus.

Thanks a lot Vishnu.. Ur blog

Thanks a lot Vishnu.. Ur blog helped us for our planning..

You are welcome

You are welcome Smile

Please share the details of

Please share the details of hotels in Rapar where one can stay overnight. The cost of accommodation at Dholavira is the same as rann of kutch (between 4-5k) as per recent enquiry. Awaiting your reply.


I stayed in a very cheap and

I stayed in a very cheap and nasty lodge opposite to the bus stand from where bus to Dholavira departs. I am not sure if Rapar has any high end option. this guest house was really cheap (some 200-300 INR for a day)

Dear Vishnu, I am thankful

Dear Vishnu,

I am thankful for your informative blog on Dholavira. I am planning to visit this site with in two days.


Sunil Parikh.


Thanks for your comment. keep

Thanks for your comment. keep dropping by.

Hi Vishnu,  Nice blog, thank

Hi Vishnu, 

Nice blog, thank you for such a good travel guide. I just visited rann of kutch and before visiting read your blog, it was very helpful.


I am glad that my blog was

I am glad that my blog was helpful in planning your travel. Thanks for your comment. keep dropping by.

Hi We are planning to visit


We are planning to visit Dholavira first from Ahmedabad then move ahead to bhuj same day. We're reaching Ahmedabad at 7am. Can u suggest mode of transport and timings from dholavira. Local buses are ok for us.

It will be very hectic or

It will be very hectic or impossible if you want to do it using public transport. you will have to break the journey.

Wonderful post from

Wonderful post from Vishnu.Though I was in Rapar for 3 weeks in the year 1994 for a pipeline construction ,I missed visiting Dholavira.However, I am planning to go back just to visit Rann of kutch just as a tourist for exploring this beautiful area .Regards,Nagesh babuDoha- Qatar

I can imagine it would have

I can imagine it would have been wonderful in Rapar in 1994. my best wishes for your next trip to Kutch.

Your wonderful post forced me

Your wonderful post forced me to comment here. Just wow!!! Keep up writing such fabulous tour experiences.

It is because of writers like you, we're now able to read about such places in India.

Thanks for your encourging

Thanks for your encourging comment. Keep dropping by.

+- Vishnu

Hi Vishnu   I am planning to

Hi Vishnu


I am planning to visit Gandhidham this week.  My train from Kolkata arrives Gandhidham at 4pm if right time .    Wanted to ask whether to drive straight to   Bhuj from Gandhidham railway station and book car and hotel in Bhuj.  I want  to visit Dholavira next day and return to Bhuj same day.


Day 3 Then visit Kalo Dungar and White Rann and return to Bhuj same day.    Can we drive back from White Rann after sunset to Bhuj .  Would starting from Bhuj at 2 pm be okay , visit Kalo Dungar , then White Rann at sunset and back to Bhuj, orbetter to start earlier in the day.


3 nights hotel in Bhuj by my estimate, .   Do you know whether to book taxi from Gandhidham or better from Bhuj.


Our on travel is from Gandhidham to Amdavad by train on day 5 at 8 pm.


Thank you


if you want to visit

if you want to visit Dholavira first then no need to go to Bhuj. you can book something from Gandhidham to Dholavira. Bhuj Dholavira-Bhuj in a single day is totally pointless. its a really long journey. if you are going to Dholavira then stay there for a night.

For rest its possible. you can start late from bhuj and visit all the sites mentioned.

Hello, I hail from Gujarat,


I hail from Gujarat, and have been to all these places years back. Your blog made me nostalgic! Wish I could have woven my memories this way! Great blog!

Thanks for your comment. Keep

Thanks for your comment. Keep dropping by.

+- Vishnu

Hi Thanks for the valuable

Hi Thanks for the valuable inputs in advance!

We are going to Ahmedabad and Bhuj (Driving up from Pune) In January. The plan is to drive from Pune to Vadodara on day 1, do 1/2 day sightseeing in Vadodara and reach ahmedabad for the night on day 2. On day 3 drive to Bhuj and take in any sightseeing on the way. Days 4,and 5  will be spent sightseeing and shopping in Bhuj and around . On day 6 we reach Ahmedabad and get 1/2 day for sightseeing/ shopping in Ahmedabad. Day 7 is also in ahmedabad and on day 8 we drive back to Pune.

My questions are:

1. What Sightseeing ( couple of hours)can we take in, on the way between Ahmedabad and Bhuj? Between Vadodara and Ahmedabad?

2. I would like to buy Rabari handembroidery pieces (wall hangings, bags, borders, yokes)at reasonable rates (not foreigner prices), so which are the best places to buy them? Also for Roganand Ajrakh.

3. For the 3 whole days at Bhuj, could you please give me a plan so that we can see the best of the sightseeing around without missing Dholavira etc and also go to Bhujodi and other villages for buying crafts? It would be easier if the villages and sightseeing could be combined based on what is on the way to what!

Between Ahmedabad and Bhuj,

Between Ahmedabad and Bhuj, you can plan to visit Little Rann of Kutch,

No idea between Vadodara and Ahmedabad.

No idea on buying handicratfs. I never bought one.

One day you can visit North side of Bhuj, Dholavira will take one entire day and better you stay there overnight. it is really a long journey. one day you can visit Lakhpat side as well.

+- Vishnu

Hi Vishnu, I am planning to

Hi Vishnu,

I am planning to visit Kutch in the month of December, I am planning for two days in Bhuj and want to get the experience of Great Rann on full moon night. I would then like to take a bus to Mathura and return back from there. After reading to all the suggestions, I am bit confused and would require your help in clearing my confusion. Which place is better to experience the salt desert on full moon night - Dhordo or Dholavira? Can we visit the Salt desert in night to experience and capture the desert on full moon night? If yes where and how can we experience this?
Also can I get contact details of the vendor who rents bike, would like to check if there is availability during that time.

In My opinion, Dholavira is

In My opinion, Dholavira is much better than Dhordo if you want to enjoy the salt desert in full moon night however Dholavira does not have accommodation closer to the desert. In Dhordo you can stay inside the desert in camp sites.  I had already mentioned the details about bike rental in the blog. i do not have the number. its not easy to get bikes on rent in Bhuj.

+- Vishnu

Hello Vishnu, You write very

Hello Vishnu, You write very well!

We are visiting kuchch this monthend. Please give your inputs on our itinerary.

day1 -ahmedabad to dhordo by taxi. night stay

2. kalo dugar etc. night saty

3.Dhordo to dholavira. night stay

4. Dholavira to little rann, bajana. night stay

5. Bajana to modhera, patan to ahmedabad. Night stay

Day 1 & 2 stay is booked. Rest is flexible.

Which is the best place to see Flamingos?



Hi Smita, Itinerary seems Ok

Hi Smita,

Itinerary seems Ok if you planning everything on private taxi. best place to sight Flamingos is Little Rann of Kutch at Banjana etc.

+- Vishnu

Hi,Please tell me whether the

Hi,Please tell me whether the trip to Dholavira can be done by car (Hyundai Verna), especially from Rapar to Dholavira. I intend to visit Dholavira during Diwali holidays.Regards,Pawan Sood

Yes, Road is  really nice..

Yes, Road is  really nice.. can be done very comfortably...

+- Vishnu

Great to see your post. We

Great to see your post. We are family of 4. This is our plan. Please give your opinion.

March 15. Reach Bhuj around 6:30 am by overnight bus from Ahmedabad. Get a hotel and arrange for car to do the west of Bhuj in day trip. Koteshwar, Kori creek, narayan sarovar, mata nu madh etc (not interested in Mandvi. time constraint & seen many beaches Smile. stay overnight in Bhuj.

March 16. Bhuj to Dhordo, Khavda, Kala Dungar white Rann with hired car and around noon leave for Dholavira. This is full moon night. So we want to see full moon beauty of Rann in Dholavira. 

March 17. Leave Dholarvira after early morning sightseeing. Back to Bhuj and do local sightseeing and shopping. Leave at 11:00 pm by overnight bus to Dwarka.

My questions: 1) please give your opinion. Is this doable?

2) Should we skip Dhordo/Kaladungar and do Bhuj sightseeing+shopping 2 x half-day (16th morning, 17th evening)? Or skip west Kutch day?

3) Is Dholavira a better option than Dhordo to see full moon white rann?

4) Plz suggest hotel in Bhuj.

5) Where to shop for typical Kutch clothes Smile

Thanks a lot Vishnu and

Thanks a lot Vishnu and Gaurav.

So I am not skipping Dhordo & KaloDungar. Looks like we will skip Dholavira then. But have heard that Rann between Chobari & Dholavira is the best.

We want to enjoy the White Rann on full moon. Plz suggest what is the best place to stay in white Rann and enjoy full moon beauty (can't afford resort like Shaam-e-Sharhad)?

Could you plz suggest me an optimized itinerary for 3 days in Kutch to see the best; I know it is short time.

Thank you so much guys once again for the help.

Hi.... I also agree that Rann

Hi.... I also agree that Rann of Kutch between chobari and Dholavira is the best but there is no place to stay in Rann there so its not the best place to enjoy full moon... I think the best option for you would be Dhordo... I have seen many resorts on this route...

In 3 days, you can do local sightseeing at Bhuj... one day tour to Dhordo and Kala dungar and one day tour to Lakhpat fort and Narayan Sarovar...

Vishnu Kumar

I agree with all the replies

I agree with all the replies from Gaurav... here is my take anyways..

1) March 16th is going to be very hectic... Bhuj to Dholavira is quite a distance and you are also visiting Dhordo, Khavda, Kala dungar on the same day... Generally North Kutch itsself take one whole day so there is no point stretching that day... Dholavira is an island in the middle of Great Rann... you may not able to appreciate the full moon beauty which you preconcieved... Desert is there all around Dholavira but not as accessible as it is in Dhordo... i guess you understand my point..

2) Don't Skill Dhordo and Kaladungar....  West Kutch is also nice...

3) Skip Dholavira if you are finding the itinerary tight... Dholavira is not full moon's basically an archeological site...I generally recommend Dholavira to intrepid travelers who seek sometime away from maddening crowd...

4) Bhuj has got wide range of accommodation options.. finding a hotel should not be a problem... I stayed in a cheap lodge sort of..

5) Plenty of shopping options in Bhuj... you can easily find out...its not a Big town.... otherwise shop from Dhordo...I never do shopping while traveling so not the right person to comment on it..

Vishnu Kumar

1.Naah don't skip Dhordo to

1.Naah don't skip Dhordo to do Bhuj sightseeing,you would be crazy to do that.Dhordo and Kalo Dungar are something out of the world.

2.Dholavira is not a full moon place,you should see the full moon in the white Desert,Dholavira is an excavation site also there is a Fossil park near Dholavira please don't miss that either.

I don't know how you would manage travel from Dhordo to Dholavira,its quite a distance.You do Dholavira first and come to Dhordo by evening.Don't stretch yourself too much Smile

P.S: Sorry I don't remember the name of the hotel and I didn't do any shopping there either

Thanks for pitching in

Thanks for pitching in Gaurav... your inputs will be extremely helpful for fellow travelers... Smile...

Hi Vishnu , A few doubts , me

Hi Vishnu ,

A few doubts , me and my friend planning to visit Kutch around Feb 1st week.Would like to know if there are any direct buses from Rapar to Bhuj? Was thinking of taking the 2pm bus from Bhuj to Dholavira , stay over night at Dholavira . Sight seeing the next morning and head to Rapar and proceed towards Bhuj.

Also we are actually two girls going , so what do you suggest , stay at Rapar or Dholavira? I spoke to the manager at Toran guest house and its active now.

I read that you do not need to hire a cab for western Kutch ? Are there frequent buses from Bhuj to Narayan Sarovar and from there on to Lakpat? Any info if there are buses from Lakpat to Bhuj?

Thanks in advance!

Hi Chithra... Welcome to

Hi Chithra... Welcome to Thinking Particle... Here are my answers on your queries..

YES, There are buses from Rapar to Bhuj. There are 2 buses those start from Rapar and one bus come from Ravechi. There is another bus which comes from Dholavira.

I will also suggest the same plan. Take 2 PM bus to Dholavira and stay there overnight. But check the accommodation upfront.

Staying in Dholavira should not be a problem for independent girls... Rapar and Dholavira both are hassle free kind of towns..

Coming on Western Kutch, it is also manageable with public transport... Board the early morning bus to Lakhpat and then get shared autos or something to Narayan Sarovar... Narayan Sarovar has got better connectivity with Bhuj so getting a bus back to Bhuj should not be a problem...

As mentioned before.. First visit Lakhpat and then Narayan Sarovar...

let me know if you have further queries... will be happy to help..

Vishnu Kumar

Hi Chithra, I had recently

Hi Chithra,

I had recently been to Kutch,without Thinking Particle and Vishnu I would have been lost.

I think staying overnight in Dholavira is a better option than Rapar.If you are going to Dholavira then don't miss going to the fossil park there.

There are million odd year trees there,which have turned into fossils but go there more for the view of the Rann of Kutch Lake,its enchanting.

Thanks Gaurav for pitching

Thanks Gaurav for pitching your inputs....

Overnight stay in Dholavira is an amazing experience... Infact Dholavira offers the best views of Rann of Kutch... better than Dhordo... Fossil park is a true delight... views of Rann on the way to Dholavira are truly inspiring...

Vishnu, Thanks for the

Thanks for the response.After going to Dhordo,one needs to come back to Bhuj right? Also one needs to stay at Rapar overnight,right?

YES... although there is

YES... although there is accommodation facility (Make shift kind of tents) in Dhordo and some high end resorts enroute... Those resorts are really expensive so i would suggest you to drive back after sunset....

Yaa.. you will have to stay in Rapar... When i visited Dholavira, there was no place to stay overnight.... I have mentioned numbers (Dholavira Tourism Resort) in the blog but resort was not functional when i visited... If you are group then hire a private vehicle from Rapar and make this trip....

I am hoping there should be some accommodation facility in Dholavira by now....

Are you traveling alone on budget ?...

No I have a friend who is

No I have a friend who is coming along with me.I will check with Dholavira resort tomorrow otherwise Rapar os cool.

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