Wild (Part Five): Photographic Chronicles of Solo Winter (January) Trip to Spiti

Luckily It was a warm (relatively) sunny day in Kaza and I was chatting with my friend Lotey about the work of NGOs in Spiti Valley. Lately Spiti became a favorite destination for NGOs to help local communities in organic farming etc or perhaps a desperate attempt to seek attention. Tenzin was busy doing business in his shop as there were good number of visitors from the nearby villages. As i was discussing this plan to move to more villages for overnight stay, there was this funny guy, Jijme who decided to company me for the villages in Pin valley. Jijme owns Maruti Alto and suggested to go by his car. When everyone started to laugh on his stupid idea of driving small car to snow-filled Pin valley, he took it as a challenge. He asked me again for the company and I said "YES, Why not !!!"... May we bury inside the snow for the whole winter, we will never leave the car...

Followed the Spiti river, crossed the bridge and now we were driving along the pin river buried under feets of snow.

Pin valley during winters

and Road with thick surface of black ice

Road to Sagnam

Road to Pin valley during winters

And bridges over the frozen river

Bridge on Pin River near Sangam

And the mysterious illusion of water and river meandering unknowingly

Part of a frozen river

Pin river meandering through the valley

There were parts where River was lost deep inside the snow and was impossible to trace

Pin river fully cover

Cannot recall how many times i had to come out and push the little car to get it back on track. It was incredibly adventurous and I admire the tenacity of the little baby who carried us till Sagnam where we parked it and took the battery out for some warmer place.

Village of Sagnam Pin valley

Crossed a swinging bridge and reached the other side where lies the little village of Khar. We were supposed to stay with a family in Khar village.

Connecting the dots


And then walked towards the Mud Village

Walk to Mud village

circled around the Stupa

Stupa laden with snow

Fluttering prayer flags

Fluttering prayer flags of Pin valley

Deserted line of Poplar

Lines of Poplar trees

And the dusk broke on the edge of river pin

Pin river on the way to Mud

Following morning, kids were walking on the frozen river to reach school.

Walk to remember nothing

However i took the bridge to cross the river and then hiked up towards Kungri village.

Trail to Kungri

Village of Kangri sleeping for the long winters

Village of Kungri during winters

The monastery, inside out

Kungri Monastery during winters

Inside Kungri Monastery

Down in the valley, River Pin was making its way through

View of Pin river from Kungri village


Bridge connecting unknown banks

Descended back to Mikkim village where Jijme was waiting for me.

Mikkim Village in Pin Valley

Sheep eating snow


Weather took a drastic turn and Jijme suggested to leave Pin valley. Previous year, Pin was disconnected from Kaza for more than a month.

Frozen Pin river during winters

And Business goes as usual amid harshest weather conditions. All for the waters in its magical forms.

Making groove over a frozen river

And i kept wondering where does the river flow and still wondering.

Powering the villages of snow land



Thanks Nanhe Khan

Thanks Nanhe Khan

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