Monsoon Diaries: Doused in Karwar

“The sea's only gifts are harsh blows, and, occasionally, the chance to feel strong. Now, I don't know much about the sea, but I do know that that's the way it is here. And I also know how important it is in life not necessarily to be strong, but to feel strong, to measure yourself at least once, to find yourself at least once in the most ancient of human conditions, facing the blind, deaf stone alone with nothing to help you but your hands and your own head" 
Rabindranath Tagore beach karwar
                                                  Rabindranath Tagore beach karwar
A Tribute to Great Ocean Road Trip.

I am not a globetrotter but being footloose always exhilarated me... maybe because it takes me closer to the  pseudo freedom everyone seeking…or maybe not.. Chuck it... I am not an analyst either…

Journey in Brief:


Distance, Fare, Time



14 hours, 550 Rs via Non-AC luxury bus

Beach, Port,


10km, 10Rs, 1 hour

Beach resort, estuary on Kali river

Karwar- Ankola

36km,25Rs, 90 minutes

On the way to Gokarna


26km, 18Rs, 1 hour

Temples, Series of amazing beaches


32km, 25Rs, 90 minutes

Unspoiled less traveled beach


50km, 43Rs, 2 hours

Temple, Beaches


25km, 20Rs, 30 minutes

Beach and Estuary

Honavar-Jog Falls

60km, 50Rs, 2 hours 30 minutes

Waterfalls, forest, Hills

Jog Falls- Sagara

25km, 19Rs, 1 hour

Returning back to Bangalore

Sagara- Shimoga

73km, 50Rs, 2 hours

Returning back to Bangalore

* Above mentioned fare is of KSRTC Economy busses.
Distant Karwar port from the Karwar beach
                                             Distant Karwar port from the Karwar beach
Well, In between monsoon of Southern India, I accompanied with another restless soul crossed the Western Ghats of Karnataka and reached to the northern coastal tip of Karnataka. Regardless of the annoying traffic, It was a pleasant evening when we boarded the bus in Bangalore. But by the time Bus entered into Western Ghats, It started raining heavily which had severely slowed down the average speed of the bus. Continuous Downpour made travel worsen on those deteriorated roads through Western Ghats. In the morning, the first drop of rain on my eyelid played as an awakener from the partially broken sleep. In an attempt to escape, I tried to pull down the window mirror but then sudden realization of traveling on the coastline overwhelmed me. Bus was running on the road parallel to the coastline. roaring sea was frightening and appealing at the same time. The eternal synergy of monsoon and ocean was as its best exhibitions. Fishing was shutdown so was all the ports near Karwar. Soon after crossing a restricted marine property, Naval base and Karwar port, we reached to our first destination.
Streets of Karwar
                                               Streets of Karwar                       
The town where we landed is popularly known as Karwar. Sand-witched between Arabian sea and Western Ghats, Karwar is bordering with Goa and it’s a beginning of amazing Coastline of Karnataka. Karwar is not having frequent direct connectivity from Bangalore but still there are some KSRTC busses (14 hours, 550 Rs) in the evening those you can board from Mysore bus stand. Karwar can also be reached from Mangalore (274 km), Bhatkal (132km), Kumta (72km), Gokarna (58km), Hubli (174km), Yellapur (101km), Sirsi (121 km), Panaji (104 km), Margoa (70 km), Cancona (34 km), Dandeli ( 107 km), Karda ( 42 km), Kaiga (63 km).
Karwar Beach
                                                 Karwar Beach
Doused in Karwar:
Everyone says that monsoon is not the best time to visit coastline of India. Life becomes very slow during those 4 months where locals generally hibernate and play cards. It was raining heavily when we arrived at Karwar. Karwar is small town and primarily known for its port and naval base. Karwar is not a touristy place but still you can get cheap and clean lodges near bus stand. We also accommodated ourselves in the nearest lodge and yearned that clouds will disappear. It was a bleak anticipation in Monsoon and clouds never disappeared but thankfully rain transformed to drizzle.
Warship museum Karwar
                                            Warship museum Karwar
We headed out…took the typical south Indian meal in a restaurant… being is northern Karnataka will even deprive you from decent Masala dosa.  Later we started walking towards beach side. Karwar beach is also known as Rabindranath Tagore beach and I can imagine how lively spot it would have been in non-monsoon season. When we reached to the beach, Sea was aggressive and was not sky blue as we generally see in many photographs. From the beach, you can also get a glimpse of the harbor which was kind of closed in monsoon season. All the fishing vessels were anchored on the shore itself and fishermen were sipping tea staring the roaring ocean which will soon be allowing them for fishing. When you will walk further north on the Goa side from the Karwar beach, you will see a warship museum which got deteriorated lately because of poor maintenance. A warship and an aircraft which was used in Second World War are well placed in the front garden of the Museum. The museum provides a valuable insight on the role of Indian army in Second World War.
Marine Aquarium Karwar
                                           Marine Aquarium Karwar
Walking further north towards the estuary of Kali River, You will see a Marine aquarium which is again a closed building. I can strongly sense the attempt those were put up to establish Karwar a major tourist destinations those somehow could not materialize. Like any other tourist destination, Karwar offers variety of attractions but all of those are deteriorating. There is also a big marine base of Indian Navy which is strategically very critical for Indian defense ministry. While walking towards north, we had seen many old government buildings once owned by Custom department, Indian Navy, Department of Port and inland waterways, Ocean research Institute etc.  Due to the security concerns some part of the coastline adjoining to the highway is barricaded.
Devbagh beach resort Karwar
                                           Devbagh beach resort Karwar
We were heading towards the much popular Devbagh beach resort which is closer to the Kali river's estuary. We were walking because someone told us it’s very near but actually it is some 10 km far from Karwar beach.  Devbagh beach resort is luring tourists who seek desolated beach vacations. Devbagh is quieter than its touristy neighbor Goa and offers a unique perspective of ocean from river side.  There are busses (Each hour, 10 Rs, 30 minutes) to Devbhag beach from Karwar those will drop you to a village from where you will have to walk 2-3 km on the beach to reach Devbagh beach resort. It was drizzling through-out the way and we walked till devbagh beach resort which was not much occupied during monsoon. Devbagh beach resort is also having its private ferry from Karwar port for guest’s pickup/drop. Relatively it’s a ritzy affair to stay at Devbagh beach resort (3500 Rs per night including food). After strolling along the coastline at Devbagh, we headed back to the bus stand. Appreciated some more fishermen villages where life was placid and unhurried unlike our much developed society. Near Devbagh, there was a long beach with prime habitation of fishermen communities. I could also see some sea-front home stay options which were closed in monsoon season. If you are coming in non-monsoon season, you can try to stay there.  Better and cheap alternative to Devbagh beach resort.
Plantation at Devbagh Beach
                                         Plantation at Devbagh Beach
When we boarded the bus from Devbagh village, it started pouring down heavily. Bus was fully occupied where female dominance was quite evident with almost all the seats reserved for females. During my various trips to Indian Coastline I had observed that People in this part of world are pretty much accustomed with continuous rain for months. Life never stops there.By the time we returned back to karwar town, we were completely drenched and Clouds were pouring the sea on Karwar. We returned back to the hotel room and changed our dresses again. It was the first day of the trip and we were already out of dry clothes.
Devbagh Beach
                                                  Devbagh Beach
In the evening, mercy of clouds allowed us to go outside and we planned to watch a local Kannad movie in a theater in that sluggish atmosphere but fortune hid again and heavy rain drenched us leaving us with last pair of dry cloths. There was no sunset as sun never appeared although darkness suddenly swallowed the entire town.  Somehow with God’s grace, we were able to have a delicious and much needed dinner without getting wet. However drizzling never stopped and we continued to dry out our cloths under the ceiling fan.

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Amazing, Really helpful for

Amazing, Really helpful for karwar trip.

Nice post, Thanks for sharing

Nice post, Thanks for sharing this.

Nice post!! That place looks

Nice post!! That place looks so beautiful!!

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Thanks for your comment. keep dropping by

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I really thankful for you to my place in your camera and circulate it most of them .. once again thanks and more ever when u visit this region plz dont forget to call me. i certainly join u and show u some more beautiful hidden water falls.

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Here goes a line from

Here goes a line from Rabindranath Tagore...

"The sea beach of Karwar is certainly a fit place in which to realize the beauty of nature is not a mirage of imagination, but reflects the joy of the infinite and thus draws us to lose ourselves into it."

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