Hippie Days: Trekking to Kheer Ganga, Parvati Valley

Kheer Ganga
                                      Kheer Ganga enveloped with clouds
Let me again Thank Paul for unraveling the hippie trail of Himachal Pradesh which is a series of strikingly distinctive destinations, mostly villages though. In the south of Kullu lies Parvati valley which is known for various reasons and mostly for the wrong ones.  Pin-Parvati pass trek was the first thing I heard about Parvati valley and later I got to know how it became a major hideout for hippies in India. Needless to mention that Parvati valley produces the best marijuana of the country which in itself draws a large number of travelers seeking contemplation in sheer isolation. After researching a bit, I decided to trek till Kheer Ganga and Tosh to get a glimpse of hippie culture and making new connections. So here goes my account of hippie days. Please forgive me if I offend anyone.
Apline Meadows Kheer Ganga
                                     Alpine Meadows Kheer Ganga
Kheer Ganga (2960 meter) lies in the extreme end of Parvati valley and the last inhibited village while trekking to pin valley via Pin-Parvati pass. Kheer Ganga remains snow-covered during winters and only get temporary settlement during summers which make is a perfect hide-out for those who want to smoke weed, hash etc etc without any concern…… Cheap and safer staircase to heaven… Well anyway, caught an overnight bus to Kullu and got down at Bhuntar circle to catch the connecting bus to Barshani.
Map of Parvati Valley
                                              Map of Parvati Valley

How to reach Kheer Ganga:
Delhi-Chandigarh-Mandi-Bhuntar (Catch any bus to Kullu and get down at Bhuntar Circle). Bhuntar lies on Manali highway so you will get many busses on this route if you are coming from any other city of Himachal (e.g  Shimla etc). After reaching Bhuntar, catch a connecting bus to Barshani via Manikaran (Known for Gurudwara) and Kasol. There is one bus each hour and will take around 2 hours from Bhuntar.  Barshani can be easily identified with a huge dam they are constructing on Parvati river. Kheer Ganga is 13 km trek uphill from Barshani. There are many villages, apple orchards in between so you won’t get lost.

Bhuntar-Manikaran (36 km, 40 INR, 90 minutes)
Manikaran-Barshani (18 km, 18 INR, 40 minutes)

Last bus from Barshani to Bhuntar (Via manikaran) is at 5:00 PM however there are shared/private jeeps one can get on this stretch.

Accommodation in Kheer Ganga
                                            Accommodation in Kheer Ganga

Stay and Food at Kheer Ganga: There are basic guest rooms there (they of course pack up and go home over winter). They range from tin shacks to something not much more luxurious ... but with beds (albeit lousy mattresses!!). From about 200 Rs per night. And attached are dhabas so food is no problem

Parvati Valley Himachal Pradesh
                                          Alpine forest in Parvati Valley


Parvati valley lies at the periphery of Great Himalayan National Park and mostly covered with dense forest of alpines and oaks with apple orchards in between. Road to Barshani goes parallel to the Parvati river and passes through Kasol (Major hippie town of Parvati valley) and Manikaran (Famous Gurudwara). Barshani is the last village connected with road (However road now goes up till Tosh) and lies on the bank of Parvati river.
Parvati River

Soon after reaching Barshani, I found myself in the midst of hippie culture with stoned freaks dominating the streets and staring at something unknown.  And of course there were some gorgeous chicks as well seeking something within. I started to Kheer-Ganga just after reaching Barshani to buy myself enough time. There are few things you should know about hippies

- Hippies acknowledge you and ignore you at the same time. If you are soft hearted, your chances will diminish.
- Hippies worship those who can arrange them something to get intoxicated. If you don’t smoke then you are not welcome.
 - Hippies don’t mind much if you are flirting with their girls but if you don’t go by their rules, there are least chances to get their girls.
- Start learning Hebrew to strengthen your chances. Forget about bragging about your possessions or knowledge, it won’t be any help.
- Remember not everyone in Parvati is hippie.
Delicious Apricot on the way
                                             Delicious Apricot on the way

Anyway for the first time I was trekking with some weight so initial stretch became really taxing till I get adjusted to the situation. Trail passes through beautiful alpine meadows following the river Parvati uphill. En route I came across to many villages and surprisingly Hippies were staying everywhere. I also get chance to pluck apples and apricots from the orchards adjoining the trail. Following the roaring parvati river and crossing some breath-taking wooden bridges, I made it to Kheer Ganga after 3-4 hours of trekking. While trekking I was greeted by many fellow travelers and I weighted my chances every time.
Tableland Kheer Ganga
                                              Tableland Kheer Ganga

Kheer Ganga is a tableland surrounded by thick forest of alpine meadows. It was a mesmerizing view when clouds started enveloping the forest and the snow-clad mountains. Kheer Ganga is known for hot water stream which flows beneath the temple of Lord Shiva. Temple is highly revered hence alcohol is not permitted in Kheer Ganga however other kind of Intoxication are in surplus. There is well made pool to bathe in the hot water stream and water is really hot.
Kheer Ganga Trek
                                                     Kheer Ganga Trek

Sadly, the day I reached Kheer Ganga was also the start of some freak gathering in Kasol so most of the long term travelers were receding down to Kasol. You will only get basic tent kind of accommodation in Kheer Ganga. I browsed all the available options and evaluated the possibility. Finally lodged myself in a tent situated at one corner of the table land. Soon after it started raining heavily and spoiled the whole scenery so I surrendered to sleep to rejuvenate myself.
Clouds enveloping the peak
                                             Clouds enveloping the peak

In the evening when I woke up, views of the forest and the peaks were simply spectacular. Heavy mist was enclosing the valley but the peaks were shining while sun was setting down at a distant horizon. In addition to that, the melody of Parvati River was soothing the entirety of that moment. It was too much to absorb and appreciate for a nature lover. Later I realized that I am accompanied by a hippie couple in the same guest house. They were much interested to explore the beauty within and smoke weed.  My chances were completely shattered as there were just 3 travelers at Kheer Ganga that evening.
Apricot Tree in trekking trail
                                            Apricot Tree in trekking trail

As it was dawned and night approached, clouds disappeared completely to offer us the crystal clear view of sky and the stars.. a view of sky which we hardly feel in towns or cities…. I roamed around the plateau, climbed small rocks, barged into the grooves, listened to the sound of silence and I realized the very freedom of this place which makes it so special. Being in Kheer Ganga is a different feeling than what you feel while accomplishing a challenging peak or high altitude trekking or defeating harsh terrain or exploring untraveled. There is nothing to feel special about…nothing to brag about… no feeling of home or homelessness….it was just thoughtlessness…. That evening was a conditioning to the mind and the soul or to the existence.. So relaxing and laid-back… and if you want to reach the state of thoughtlessness, Kheer Ganga is your destination.
Hot water Spring Kheer Ganga
                                      Hot water Spring Kheer Ganga

Next morning, I woke up and headed straight to the hot springs to take a bath and brush my teeth. Believe me it was really hot water and it scared me for the first time. Later I overcame the fear and dipped in the hot water spring. It was a refreshing pool in the midst of nature.  Although there was no problem of food or accommodation but in the absence of the tourists, Kheer Ganga was quite deserted and I was not seeking isolation those days so I decided to pack my stuff and recede back to the valley in the search of new destinations. I was fortunate not to witness rainfall while descending to Barshani else it would have not been 2 hours descend.

Places around Kheer Ganga:
* Buni-Buni pass is 3 hours trek from Kheer Ganga and your chance to find snow. From the pass, you can descend down to Kalga.
* Mantalai Lake (4116 meter) is a picturesque lake on the way to Pin-Parvati pass and some 3 days trek from Kheer Ganga.

We are group of friend

We are group of friend planning to vist on mid of april. It is good time to visit ? What clothes shoudl we carry ? Is there any way we can contact any1 so that we can stay a night in kheer ganga or near by kheer ganga so that we can explore near by nature like parvati pin point. etc 

Kindly revert & as we coming from delhi will reach bhuntar by 7 or 8 a.m from bhuntar can you suggest how to reach kheer ganga. 

Hi Vishnu, we are planning to

Hi Vishnu,

we are planning to visit kheerganga on 2nd weak of June. can you please provide me contact details of person who can provide us accomodation (tents) . you can mail me at yash.aimhigher29@gmail.com

Hey Vishnu,   I read a couple

Hey Vishnu,


I read a couple of your articles on Kasol. Good reads indeed.

Me along with 4 friends of mine are planning to go to Kasol checking in on the 16th morning and leaving 18th March night. We plan to go to Tosh, Kheerganga trek, Manikaran.

Would it be possible to cover all of these in the 3 days?

Aslo, we wish to stay in a camp. Could you suggest some relevant contact details which would be helpful ?

Thanks in advance. My email ID is gargnimish94@gmail.com

Waiting for your reply.

Hello backpackers,  Be aware

Hello backpackers, 

Be aware of some fraud agents out there. I want to share my experience with you. This guy who is commenting here-Shubham and his travel agency has almost cheated us in the most shameful way. We 15 guys were likely to do trek of kheerganga on 16th Feb. We has already given the advance amount of 16000 as per their demand. But when we reached barshaini at 12 noon, we got to know there was no any guide to take us on the trek. We tried to contact but we didn't reach. We just awaited for hours but no any contact which he had given was on. We just succumbed in very tornment status. It was like we were broken mentaly because we were excited at peak to hike and to stay in tents, but all went in vain. Though still we didn't find any original fact after this incident, but whatever still such things can be meticulously examined first then we need to go further.

At the end,we got our money back through Kullu police with some immediate actions.

Thank you

We are planning to do

We are planning to do kheerganga trek in last week of march 

Will we dat be a safe option


Safe. :) 

Safe. :) 

Hey, There is two of us


There is two of us planning for trip to Kheerganga in March 3rd week probably from 11 or 13th. Will stay be available and what are the charges for taking a guide. 

Hey we are travelling to

Hey we are travelling to kullu and kasol on 12 march and we are interested in trekking at kheerganga ... so is it possible to trek in march or it is closed in march due to heavy snow?

Please guide me

We have also decided to

We have also decided to travel to kheerganga on march 11. Are camps available at this time of year.  





Hi, A group of 6 guys

A group of 6 guys planning to do the Kheerganga trek on 12th March. Is it a good time to go? Asin, will the trek be open and doable?

Hey, You can trekk to


You can trekk to kheerganga with no difficult issues but you cannot stay on the peak. So you need to follow 1D2N Plan.


Day 1- Starting nearly at 12 from barshaini. Reaching Rudranaag till 4-5PM. Base camp there. Spending the Night there.

Day 2- Early arrival to Kheerganga from Rudranaag. Will take you only a couple of hours to reach kheerganga from Rudranaag. Returning to base                 camp till evening. Spending the night there.

Day3- Early morning return to Kasol after breakfast from base camp.

This plan will cost you around 17-1800 bucks per person including food which is very cheap for this time. During on season,Guys charge till 3700 for the same plan.

Locals can help you with the confirmation of this plan & arrangement at Rudranaag.

This time is good for the people in search of isolation from the outer world. After march it'll be again overcrowded & no peace at all.

Vishnu helps with the contacts over there. 



Keep Exploring. Smile

Not the good time for

Not the good time for Kheerganga, there will be lot of snow.

Hi Vishnu,   I am plannig to

Hi Vishnu,


I am plannig to trek kheer Ganga on 10th of March with my wife. Is it possible to trek Kheerganga up and down as we will be staying in a cottage near Kasol.

Thanks in advance

March is not the best time

March is not the best time for Kheerganga

Hi, I had a query like do we


I had a query like do we need to have a guide to get to kheerganga.Or can we can find our way through the trek to kheerganga

Guide is not necessary if On

Guide is not necessary if On season is going on because the path is full of fellow travellers so you can ask the way from them. But during this time there are hardly any travellers you are gonna find. Guides assures safety for you guys. The path is broken somewhere also frozen ice is in the path. However its totally upon you guys whether to hire one or not because the path is a trail,we know a trail when we see one. We know someone has walked over it. Just dont walk carelessly over the path,observe it first if there isn't any ice on the way or the path you are walking on does not has loose soil or you might end up swimming the freezing temperature of River Parvati.


Hope it answers your query.

Keep Exploring.


Hi firends we are a group of

Hi firends we are a group of 50 people

we are planning to visit kheerganga on third weak of march. can you please provide me contact details of person who can provide us accomodation (tents) . you can mail me at piyushtesting92@gmail.com

any help will be useful.

Hi Piyush, I will send an

Hi Piyush,

I will send an email which might be useful.


Hi Vishnu, Excellent blog.

Hi Vishnu,

Excellent blog. Thanks for sharing information as well helping co-trkkers.

I along with my friends ( group of 3 ) planning to trek on 19th and 20th Feb, 2017 to Khirganga. Need few detail from you.

1> Will we get guide to trek khirganga from Kasol / Manikaran ? and yes than what would be the cost ? How long it will take to reach and come back in 1 day ?

2> Any chances to get accomodation at Khirganga ( you have already said no ), i believe there is some Dharamshala as well.

3> What other 1 day or 2 days trek options are available ?

My Mobile no is : 7600069392.


Nirav Shah


Sorry for the late response.

Sorry for the late response. I hope you enjoyed the trip.

Hi,  We are a group of 9-10


We are a group of 9-10 both boys and girls planning trek to kheerganga on 25th feb weekend. Is this time safe to trek and whether we will find any accomodation up there? Also any idea about the temperature, whether we need to go in snow wear and rent sleeping bags or not? 

Any help will be appreciated. THANK YOU. 

Hey Safety depends on you


Safety depends on you guys only. The road is clear till kheerganga But you can't have a night stay there due to snow. the temperature will be in minus during night time. Simple Warm clothes such as jacket & warm inner wears will be enough. 

You can even camp in between.You can opt for 1N2D Or 2N2D plan.

1N2D- First day trekking till Rudranaag. Camping there. 2nd Day Till kheerganga (Rudranaag to Kheerganga is 2 hours) & then return to kasol.

2D2N-First Day till Rudranaag Base Camp. Camp there. Next day Kheerganga. Spending the whole day there. Returning to base camp till 6PM. Spending the night in the base camp. Next day return to kasol as per your convinience.


Hope it answers your queries.


Keep Exploring.


Hi Vishnu   I am planning for

Hi Vishnu


I am planning for kheerganga trek on 18, 19 and 20 feb. Please advise if 3 days are enough for kheerganga trek. What will be the position of accommodation and food on this time. Provide some contact numbers for my ease of travel.


Hey, 3 days are enough for


3 days are enough for not only kheerganga trekk but also to roam around other villages such as Tosh Chalal & Malana.

Since you are coming in february,there will be no accomodation available dur to heavy snowfall but there can be a round trip to Kheerganga. Early morning arrival & return in evening.


However if you are interested in camping & living in tents & all that, there are other trekk options available such as Bijli Mahadev trekk,prashar lake trekk etc.

I am a localite here & you can contact me through blog administrator for other trekk related queries.


Keep Exploring. 



hey, i am also planning for a

hey, i am also planning for a trek to kheerganga , can someone tell me what is the cost of one small camp and how much camp do i will require i have a group of 4 and also tell me the best hotel to stay in kasol .what else is required for this trip .

plz tell me the 2 best route to trek from kasol where i can get camps onrent and also food etc

thanks alot 

Hey Since you haven't


Since you haven't specified the time when you'll be arriving It is difficult to tell the exact amount this trekk will cost you. There are different costs per person at different times of the year. December-February is when we consider its OffSeason & charge less than the onseason.Because due to less traveller during Dec-Feb time there are no booking rush on trekk stuff such as tents,sleeping bags,Mattresses etc. During on season they are to booked even at higher prices because the number of tourists travelling are in abundance & the tekk stuff is in limited quantity.

Contact me through Blog Administrator for other trekk related queries.



Keep Exploring.



Thanks for helping fellow

Thanks for helping fellow travelers, Shubham. Truly appreciate it.

Hi Vishnu,   Me and couple of

Hi Vishnu,


Me and couple of my friends are planning for kheerganga trek on Jan 26th onwards. Is it safe to trek in this month?

Hey, Trekking is safe when


Trekking is safe when you watch out the weather is clear on the day you are trekking. Please make sure there is not even a little chance of rain on the days you are on trekk. Because if weather goes bad at such height there is only 1 minute of rainfall & then snowfall starts. Maximum tourists see this as a happy moment & begin to enjoy.The snow amounts to feets in minutes. If incidents like this happen,Escape from the top before the downgrade way blocks by the snow. 


For more queries:

Contact me VIA WA @ 9817366174.

Keep Exploring.


Thanks for helping fellow

Thanks for helping fellow travelers.

We are 2 guys travelling to

We are 2 guys travelling to kasol from 23-28 January. We need to do kheerganga during this time , can some one help.

I contacted few agents who said its snowing hence SORRY. But we are adamant on kheerganga..... CAN someone help us with a stay in kheerganga . Else if we plan to leev by 5AM from tosh guess by 11-12 we will reach kheerganga (considering snowy terrain) but then we have to leev by 2 pm anyhow to avoid jungles in night right?



my contact -9665803127 

hmmm... I see.. you can

hmmm... I see.. you can inquire about staying in the ashram which be little before Kheerganga.

Hi, is it possible to trek

Hi, is it possible to trek Kheerganga in March for a beginner? Please suggest!



Hi, My Name is Sreeman. Im am


My Name is Sreeman.

Im am not the author. You should also wait for the authors comment on this. But my suggestion is that you should concentrate on your cardio and endurance.

I've been to kheerganga recently and we picked the toughest possible route. Tough route or easy route, we realized endurance and cardio is very important to reach this place. And should also start the trek early. 

In march i think there will be some snow. It recently started snowing there and im sure you'll find snow in march. As you said you're a beginner, i suggest you take the tosh route as the jungle route will be very tough in snow. Or if you want to experience some adventure and thrill, you can opt for jungle route. But make sure you have enough food supplies and winter wear. And DO NOT STAY UNTIL DARK. That is what we did and i have to admit it was a little scary. Going with a big group is better.

All the best. Let us know your plans and experience.




Thanks for your comment,

Thanks for your comment, Sreemang. it is very helpful.

Hi Vishnu, Thank you for the

Hi Vishnu,

Thank you for the article. Me and a few friends are planning to go to Kasol during december end. I see a lot of posts and mixed views about whether the trek to kheerganga would be open or not during that time. Could you help me out please!

Thanks and Regards

Aayush Agarwal



Sorry for the late response.

Sorry for the late response. I hope you had fun trip.

Hi Vishnu, Thanks for the

Hi Vishnu,

Thanks for the informative post.

We are a 5 friends traveling to kheerganga from 23rd-27th Dec. We will be carrying our own tents, sleeping bags and all cooking stuff. Hope to meet all adventurous people out there

wooow.. quite a trip. I hope

wooow.. quite a trip. I hope you had fun trip.

Hi, We are 4 people planning

Hi, We are 4 people planning a trek on 6th December 2016. Can anyone guide if it will be safe to trek on this day. And cn we get an accomodation @kheerganga on 26th night.

I hope you had good trip.

I hope you had good trip. Sorry for the late response.

hi 3 of us are planning for a

3 of us are planning for a trek to kheerganga in this coming week itself , Can u help me wih the trek requirements and if any trek agency available to help us .
Please reply ASAP

I hope you had great trip to

I hope you had great trip to Kheerganga

Hi, 4 of us r planning for a


4 of us r planning for a trip in Jan first week 2017. We intend to cover Kasol, Tosh, Malana. I have some questions.

Will we be able to make it to kheer ganga?

How to reach Malana from Tosh or Kasol? Is it a scenic place?

Appx how many days should we keep for these places?

Where can we find snowfall?

How to reach pathankot from kullu?


Trek to kheerganga will

Trek to kheerganga will depend on snow situation. Most of the time its trekkable.

From Kasol, you can get a taxi to the base of malana. Yes, all scenic.

1 night at each destinations.

Snowfall will depend on your luck. check weather forecast every day.

there are direct buses from Pathankot to Manali i guess. take those.

Hi Guys,   I am planning a

Hi Guys,


I am planning a trip to Kasol, Tosh,Malana and if possible Kheerganga around 23dec - 27dec.

I will be a solo traveller, and this will be my first trip as a solo traveller.


Any sights for accomdoations, Tents and other things will be of great help.

If anyone wants to join we can be a team and explore the place.



Prashant Gupta

Contact - 9833493339


Hi prashant, i am leaving at

Hi prashant, i am leaving at the same time too, first time solo.


Contact : 7300174074 

I hope you guys were able to

I hope you guys were able to connect and had awesome time in Parvati valley.

Planning 4 kheerganga trek on

Planning 4 kheerganga trek on 17th of December. Please guide me whether treking is on or not? And wt abut accomdatikn nd food as we r planning 4 nyt stay.


Reply asap..thnx in advance

Hi Puneet,   I am just back

Hi Puneet,


I am just back from Kheerganga. I dont think you will find accomodation in kheerganga on 17th December. By the time we are coming back itself, 90% of the homestays and huts are being closed and packed to avoid snowfall. They said we would find 3 feet of snow in some areas.


Although, there might be a chance that there is atleast one home stay there. If you are ready to trek in snow (Which i dont recommend, as i saw the trail throught the forest and it is very very risky) you should just take some tents and stay there. The cold there will be freezing. Before that you need to find out about the snow and weather conditions there time to time. This is the number (9805808591) of a homestay in Kalga. His name is raju and he owns a house/ homestay there. You can call them and find out about the conditions there. If there is no snow, then im sure you can go and find some kind of accomodation. But if there is snow fall I suggest you dont take a risk and just visit other places.




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