---The Heaven/Himalayan Connection --- Jai Kartik Swami Ji ---

*******/Presenting A Teaser Of My Journey To Kartik Swami Temple/******

My Mind was blowing hard and it would blast anytime haven't had I planned something right here right now, That was my frame of mind on Thursday (20th March-2014).I called up my friend and inquired about his whereabouts --> He didn't picked up my phone, I dropped a message on it saying "Call Me".I was on my way to bring some medicine for my mother and eventually got a call from him..

The Call Details :-

Praveer --> Yes bro tell me what happened
Me --> I called you as my soul says don't be here this weekend.
Praveer --> then ? which place ?
Me --> Kartik Swami Ji In Uttarakhand
Praveer --> Ok. I knew that you were about to say the same when I received your message and I Also know that the place you choose will also be the best..So When are we planning ?
Me --> Tomorrow.. You have to come here at my place.
Praveer --> Mode of transport
Me --> Your Avenger
Praveer --> Accommodation ? Booking ? Not Needed ?
Me --> Not needed as of now, will have a halt at rishikesh and then the next morning will move upwards, don't know about the accommodation in and around Kartik Swami Ji Temple. We Will See.
Praveer --> Ok. I will be there at your place with my Avenger [ Ask Aunty to pack some Aloo Paratha's ]
Me --> Sure,Goodnight Bro.

There is something tempting about the Himalayas, the moment we had a word, I was busy imagining all the peaks which we could see from the temple, that night I had goosebumps. Also, I couldn't sleep properly because of the reason that we were heading towards the mighty Himalayas "My Dream". 


Bike :- Avenger 220CC
Start-Date :- 21 March-2014/6.00 P.M
End-Date :- 23 March-2014/10.00 P.M

Day 0.5 :- Ghaziabad-Meerut-Muzzafarnagar-Roorkee-Haridwar-Rishikesh
Day 1 :- Rishikesh-Shivpuri-Byasi-Devprayag-Srinagar-Rudraprayag-Saterakhal-Ghimtoli-Falsi-KanakChauri-KartikSwamiJi Temple
Day 2 :- [Back Home]

[Highlights Of The Trip/Trek]

Two Friends...
2.5 Days...
Approx 900 Km + 4Km Trek...
Night Stay in Pujari Ji's Hut at 10,000ft...
No Electricity...
Bone Chilling Cold...
Slept on floor - Eight Quilts Still Shivering...
Black Tea...
Leopard Friendly Area...
"Burunsh Flower" At Its Best...

Here are few of the teasers

The Best [ Jai Kartik Swami Ji ]



Yours Truly

To Be Continued.............

"Om Namah Shivaye"


This is not just another travelogue, this is what I dreamt of, after my visit to Kanatal this January. There is an essence in my mind about Himalayas which keeps me going and going. Days are tough in these crowded places where everyone is longing to go forward by keeping his heels on anyone's head or by any means, so In order to evade from this tough life, as I know I can't run as I have my own responsibilities but yes, can spend sometime away from them, made a plan to visit the land of gods where I can attain peace and practice my religion of worshiping Mountains.

I was planning for this trip from a very long time, [The definition of long time for me "30 Days Time"] and eventually made my mind to visit the place this weekend, In the teaser section I mentioned how the trip was planned and the highlights of it, here I will give you a glimpse of our journey to the land of gods.

[Day 0.5]
21st March - 2014


Plan has been made, saini was on his way from gurgaon, He knew my location, but still, I messaged him the address and asked him only to carry a single small bag, so as to ease out the tension of carrying a big load on this trip, where the destination was very far and the time was very short. He came at around 5.40 P.M, we quickly packed all the things and moved forward as we have made up our mind of reaching rishikesh today itself, we hurried it up, touched my mother's feet [ She said "Rishikesh Se Aage Mat Jaana" ]. I messaged my wife about the plan, she also echoed exactly the same thing, which my mother said. I had told them about my plan to go to rishikesh for a one day break, for river rafting, but I haven't disclosed the actual plan which was running on the back of my mind. They both said so as they know my love for mountains.

The journey begin with saini riding the bike, we hit the roads at 6.00 P.M, crossed muradnagar, Modinagar, there was a heavy traffic but being on a bike there was nothing to worry about.We reached muzzafarnagar at 8.15 P.M, stopped at a road side dhaba to have some food before the 40 KM muddy track, which we will be going to witness in night. Now it was my time to drive. We started from the dhaba at around 8.45 P.M, with a non-stop driving, we reached haridwar at 10.50 P.M. We took another Chai break, washed our faces with the super enchanting, mesmerizing Ganges.

In the meanwhile, had a word with the owner of the guest house in rishikesh, where I had spent the night on my earlier visit with my wife, He told us that his hotel is full, gave out the names of some cheap hotels, upon penning down the names, we started again on our way and reached rishikesh at 11.30 P.M. The town was very much deserted, we were looking at the hotels passing by till we find one and immediately inquired about it. We checked the rooms and it looked ok to both of us, also the charge was nominal [700rs]. We checked in there, changed our clothes, after an hour of chit-chatting about tomorrow's journey, we hit the beds at 1.00 A.M.

[Some Random Clicks] 
[Not Much Photos Though]

[Starting Point]



[Dinner Time After Muzzafarnagar, Saini Posing In]

[Chai Break At Haridwar]

[Stay At Rishikesh]

To Be Continued.............................
"Om Namah Shivaaye"


[Day 1]
22nd March - 2014

Rishikesh-Shivpuri-Byasi-Devprayag-Srinagar-Rudraprayag-Saterakhal-Ghimtoli-Falsi-KanakChauri-KartikSwamiJi Temple

We woke up at 5.30 A.M, were in the land of gods with full of energy, thinking about the beautiful one day we shall be spending at the Kartik Swami Ji temple. we freshen ourselves and left the hotel at 6.A.M. The might Ganges rushes down along and the valley surrounded by the high mountain ranges was a treat for both of us, We were in a dilemma that how yesterday's rush was changed into today's calmness. we were driving slowly and enjoying the path blissfully, It was that sort of place where one feels one with nature. On the way, we came across with very beautiful sites, there were instances when our mouths were wide open, we don't know how to appreciate each and everything. I was driving the bike and saini was enjoying every bit of it, there were moments when he used ample amounts of phrases in order to describe the beauty which we were looking at. Awesome It was.

We reached Devprayag the "Godly Confluence" at 9.00 A.M. The place, as we know the Confluence of the Alaknanda and Bhagirathi Rivers to form the Ganges was very scenic and calm, stopped there for a few mins, clicked some photographs and continued our journey. The snake like road kept on turning and turning accompanied by mighty Ganges. Road was ok all along with some really bad patches in between, as of now we haven't seen any snowy mountains, saini asked me from where and when we could get a chance to see those, I remained quiet for a while, after few mins answered him just few KM away, but I myself was not sure of what I said. After few mins of drive we stumbled upon a big U-TURN, there we see Rudraprayag, asked few of the locals about the Rudraprayag- Pokhri route, I also inquired about the distance which was of 45 KM. They gave the direction and the path which we have to travel, to reach Kartik Swami Ji, wasting no time we started our onward journey. It was all very uphill from there, the air was also getting much colder. The drive for next one and half hour was amazingly beautiful, serene and refreshing. The entire road was canopied by lush green trees on both the sides with glimpses of beautiful Himalayan ranges, some exotic birds and lots of "Buransh trees" made the ride very enchanting.

We reached Kanakchauri at 12.15 P.M, which was the starting point, from where the trek to Kartik Swami Ji commence. Kanakchauri beauty can appeal to anyone’s senses, It's difficult not to appreciate the lush green meadows, the beautiful snowy landscapes and the trees with their boughs heavy with thousand of flowers, one can see the majestic view of "Mt.Chaukhamba" from there. We immediately parked our bike in the backyard, took Pooja-Thali from the local shop, also asked him few of the questions about the place and the staying options. He said that few meters down the hill there is a resort, but they will charge you some hefty amount, Suddenly, I murmured can't we stay there at the top, He lavishly spoke yes you can, You can stay there at the Pujari Ji's hut, He will provide you some quilts with a nominal charge, about the food I am not sure you will have to ask this to him. "Wow" was the word we said and greeted him "Chaliye Bhaiya Kal Milte Hain Fir Toh" and started the trek with a big smile.

The trek was 3 KM long with a not so difficult terrain, we were proceeding normally through a thick jungle. It is somewhat steep at some places but can be manageable, On our way we also saw a small Bugyal which was very catchy. This place is one of the many untouched pristine place which was any travelers peaceful dream , In my view it is one of the most picturesque places in the Garhwal region. Mighty Chaukhamba, Kedarnath and Janhukut peak were playing hide and seek as the clouds were hovering onto it time to time. The path is so much of resplendent with "Buransh" scattered all the way. We crossed dense Himalayan jungles which has wild Boars ,mountain cats and even leopards [Told to us by Pujari Ji when we stayed there at night] but the peace and the beauty was astounding, climbing more, we came across Pujari Ji's hut which was 500 meter below the temple, there was one sadhu ji sitting, from whom we asked for a glass of water, continued our way and reached the divine place by 02.00 P.M, It had started to drizzle and the cloudy sky in the backdrop of the mountain ranges was a sight to behold. All around there were huge trees and thick vegetation. I stood in front of the temple and tried to absorb everything around. There were a lot of Deodar trees, the half visible mighty Himalayan ranges and the cold wind made me feel that this was the source of everything in nature. I was so much absorbed that I was in a sort of trance and thought that nothing in life was more meaningful than what was there. I prayed at the temple and sat on the bench gazing at the mountains, a thought which was evolving again and again that nothing can beat this life that's "Life In/Is/On Mountains".

For some time we exchanged few words with Pujari Ji on the premise of the temple, The rain god also blessed us that was one peck of a feeling. Pujari ji told us about the various location which one can see from here. It includes Kedarnath Peak, Badrinath, Chaukhamba Peak, Janhukut, Chandrashila Peak, Panchuli Peaks, Hathi Parvat, Nanda Devi. He quoted that on the left side of the temple it is garhwal and on the right side is kumaon. He also asked us to come in the morning in order to get a 180 degree view of the Himalayan range, as it was very cloudy and we hardly couldn't see anything, thinking that this is the right time, I murmured which I did at Kanakchori with the local shop guy and said "Pandit Ji Yaha Ruk Sakte Hai Kya". He in a flash responded "Haan Ruk Sakte Hai, Lekin Aapko Pareshaani Hogi", We both looked at each other and with an utmost voice I said "Koi Problem Nahi", He soon left the place and we both sat on the bench looking at the mountains like a child who finds a delicious cream out of nowhere. It was very cold in there, We both started to worry about the selection of clothes for the trip. I had one jacket and saini had one sweater which we kept for our-self which came very handy on the entire trip.

The clouds started to roar, soon we both decided to go down to the hut and freshen our-self till the clouds get cleared. We immediately rush downwards and stayed at the hut for an hour or so, had a lovely taste of black tea which was served by Pujari Ji. It was 4.30 P.M, we inquired about the place and about him, He said he is serving the place from a very long time and would love to serve till his death, We asked him whether he had visited "Delhi Or U.P". He in a very low voice replied "Nahi Waha Nahi Gaya Na Jana, Mein Yahin Theek Hun, Waha Log Ache Nahi Hain". We kept on asking and he kept on replying, This goes till 6.00 P.M, we again wanted to climb up and have a glimpse of the heaven,this is what we did, we again went to the temple, took some breathtaking pictures and came back at around 7.00 P.M. It was about to get dark, cold is taking it's toll and it's all drizzling in there.. Ahhh What a beauty of nature one could ask for.

Pujari Ji told us that he had made a small bedding on the floor at the adjacent cemented hut, we can rest in there for sometime, he will call us soon for the supper. I was very much excited as my life was going to be different for one day. No electricity,No lights, No mobile network, No radio, No T.V, No Newspapers and No News from the outside world. There was one small "Diya" which he placed and asked us to pour oil into it whenever it gets finished. We both were discussing about the place, enjoying the calmness and praying that in the morning the weather god clear himself up from the majestic ranges and let us enjoy every bit of it, which we were yet to witness properly, Soon Pujari Ji asked us to join him, as dinner was ready. What a best example of the purest form of hospitality he gave, He prepared one Daal, One Sabji and awesome hot Rotis, we eated desperately, as from the morning, we haven't had anything. The food was lovely. In the meantime, I asked him about the surrounding jungle and any wild animals in it, He replied that there are many including leopards but they won't harm anyone "Sighhhhhhhhhhhh"

It was 8.30 P.M, We finished the supper as quickly as possible as it was getting very colder, we both were shivering like anything, we quickly wrapped up all the proceedings and made our way to the cemented hut, The sky got cleared and It was looking so ravishing as if millions of silver diamonds are placed above and wanted to talk to us, the same was the case with the houses that are throwing lights at us from the adjacent valleys. "Heaven It was". We were in our small hut, sat for sometime with three quilts underneath us and five on us "Still Shivering".

Sitting in the room I could not avoid thinking about myself and my life here. I am here from almost 450 km and sitting in a strange place with strange voices coming from all over the jungle, I asked myself what am I doing here, I am here in search of something which is not there for me at my place. These mountain ranges tells me, that I am nothing more than a speck, The beauty of the place tells me that there is nothing more beautiful than this, The calmness of the place tells me that there is nothing more enjoyable than sitting here. I feel humbled and happy to be nobody here. I am staying here because to me, this is what I demand, For me this is what life is all about, I want to get lost and lost forever, The night had thickened and the light of the "Diya" was slowly becoming weak , we didn't had the courage to come out from the pile of quilts and to pour some more oil into it as it was very cold. Before going to sleep we chalked out next day’s strategy, which included getting up at 5:00 A.M in the morning, Start the 500m trek from the hut to the temple, so that we can have a clear and profound view of the 180 degree Himalayan peaks which we haven't witnessed yet due to bad weather conditions. ["Goodnight"]

[Alarm Clock]/[RishiKesh]

[Morning Blue RishiKesh]


[Sky Is The Limit][RishiKesh]


[RishiKesh From The Top]


[Enroute Devprayag]

[Enroute Devprayag]

[Enroute Devprayag]

[DevPrayag " The Confluence"]

[Rudraprayag - Saterakhal - Pokhri route]

[Rudraprayag - Saterakhal - Pokhri route]




[Buransh at Its Best][Enroute Falsi]

[Enroute Falsi]

[Enroute KanakChauri]

[Mighty Panchuli Peak-1, Enroute KanakChauri]

[Enroute KanakChauri]

[Enroute KanakChauri]


[Trek To Kartik Swami Ji Temple]

[Trek To Kartik Swami Ji Temple]

[Trek To Kartik Swami Ji Temple]

[Trek To Kartik Swami Ji Temple]

[Trek To Kartik Swami Ji Temple]

[Trek To Kartik Swami Ji Temple]

[Chandrashila Peak, Enroute Kartik Swami Ji Temple]


[Long Way Ahead, Kartik Swami Ji at The Top]

[Trek To Kartik Swami Ji Temple, Buransh Again]

[Enroute Kartik Swami Ji Temple, Haathi Parvat]

[Trek To Kartik Swami Ji Temple]

[Trek To Kartik Swami Ji Temple]

[Trek To Kartik Swami Ji Temple, Valley Behind]

[Trek To Kartik Swami Ji Temple]


[Trek To Kartik Swami Ji Temple]

[Small Bugyal Enroute Kartik Swami Ji Temple]

[Pujari Ji's Ashram]

[Trek To Kartik Swami Ji Temple]

[Pujari Ji's Ashram Seen Below]

[Chandrashila Peak Again]


[Valley Of Gods]

[Difficult Terrain]

[Beauty-Enroute Kartik Swami Ji Temple]

[Himalayan Ranges]

[Himalayan Ranges]

[Yours Truly]

[Path To Heaven]

[Clouds All Over]


[Panchuli Peaks as Seen From Above]

[Haathi Parvat]

[There It Is, Kartik Swami Ji Temple]

[Kartik Swami Ji Temple]

[Kartik Swami Ji Temple]

[Kartik Swami Ji ]

[Kartik Swami Ji Temple]

[Our Hut For The Night Stay]

[View At The Back Of The Hut]

[Its Getting Cold And Dark]

[Night Beauty]

[Our Bed]

[Our Bed]

[Night Beauty Again]


[Dark Night]

[Pujari Ji's Place]

[Pujari Ji's Place]

[Jai Ho]

"To Be CONTINUED".....................................................................................................................

"Om Namah Shivaaye"



[Day 2]

Morning Visit To Temple, Trek downwards, Back Home

We both didn't get proper sleep due to the cold conditions and woke up before the alarm goes up, It was 4.00 A.M but still we were under the quilts imagining and comparing the cold with that of north India, Our eyes were open, the room was dark. After sometime, I managed to get up and looked at my watch it was 5.20 A.M,

Light was coming from under the door, I opened it up and surprised to see the Panchuli-1 peak standing seamlessly in front of me,Awesome view it was, the sky was damn clear, Strange voices playing a lovely sound in the backyard. Immediately, I Came out, washed my face, Took a deep breathe, Stand there looking around at the magnificent valleys. Instead of not getting proper sleep, I was feeling very fresh and full of energy . The sun was about to come out, I asked Saini to freshen up as we have to be at the temple before the first hit of the sun-rays on the Himalayas. We were again on the trekking path and reached the divine place in 15 min.

I can't explain how lucky we both were to witness the best place in the whole Garhwal + Kumaon region. "Jannat it Was", We were in the lap of god, both were extremely happy, watching the best nature creation of all time. Being alone in this valley surrounded by the great mesmerizing peaks made time stand still, I could not make my mind inactive. It was wandering with my eyes, I felt. It was engaged in what my eyes fed. I calmly walked on the premise of the temple looking around the snowy majestic mountain ranges. These snowy majestic sights, the changing sky, and the view of the green clad mountains below were enough to make one just sit and watch for hours or days.

I tried to figure out seeing those what would be in my mind. Most probably, I am not worried about anything, Surely will not be thinking about tomorrow, certainly a part of what I feel today will be recorded in my mind forever. I was living in the present, So no worries about even the next minute, No imaginary insecurities. I once again said to my soul that "I Am Living My Dream", "The beauty just surpasses everything.I am yet to see something as beautiful as this"

Clicked many photographs of the might peaks. We could see Mt.Chaukhamba, Mt.Janhukut, Kedarnath Peaks, Badrinath, Panchuli Peaks, Nanda-Devi, Hathi Parwat to name a few, stayed there for few hours and came back at around 8.15 A.M. Immediately, we packed our bags and greeted "Namaste" to Pujari Ji, gave him some amount for the lovely hospitality he did and promised him to come back again to this beautiful place with my family. We reached Kanakchauri at 9:15, Quickly had tea with some biscuits and left for our home. We reached Ghaziabad at around 10.00 P.M.
For me, It was the best trip of all time.Thank You God.

Thank you guys This Is It From My Side.. Hope You guys liked it and please pardon me for any mistakes.

"Om Namah Shivaye"

[Panchuli Peak-1 At 5.30 A.M]

[First Rays At Mt.Chaukhamba]

[Garhwal Range]

[Kedarnath Peak]





[Kedarnath Peak]


[Jai Kartik Swami Ji]

[Jai Kartik Swami Ji]

[Jai Kartik Swami Ji]

[Jai Kartik Swami Ji]

[Himalayan Beauty]

[The Divine Himalaya's]























[Back To Temple]

[Temple Above]


[Mt.Chaukhamba At Its Best]




[Heading Back To KanakChauri]

[Heading Back To KanakChauri]

[Mt.Chaukhamba And Mt.Sheshnag Clearly Visible]










[The Mightiest Shivji, Kedarnath Peak]

[Entrance Gate, Kartik Swami Ji Temple]


[Back Home]



Hi, You have explained so

Hi, You have explained so well! Can you give me Pujari Ji Contact No. !

I don't think Gaurav has that

I don't think Gaurav has that number

Good Evening.   Do you have

Good Evening.


Do you have any contact no of the priest, who rents his room there in the temple? If you have kindly provide me that.




Sorry Brother, I dont Have

Sorry Brother, I dont Have ...

But taking a room over there would not be a problem..

Happy journey!

Thanks for your comment,

Thanks for your comment, Gaurav.

You have taken me literally

You have taken me literally to Kartik Swami Temple and sleep at Pujari Ji's heavenly cottage. I am going there this year 21/22 nd of September. I do not have the confidence to make such a dream adventure as you have entertained.However,thanks to your beautiful blog.

Shibnath Chatterjee

Thanks for your comment. keep

Thanks for your comment. keep dropping by.

Pleasure is all mine

Pleasure is all mine brother..

Go Ahead ...  


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