A Firsherman Village

Tarkarli Beach Malvan Konkan Sindhudurg
                                                                        Tarkarli Beach at Malvan

Today I am not narrating a journey to some exotic beach, scenic hill, breath-taking trek, impenetrable jungle or to any other natural wonder for that matter. my idea is to convey a life that i came across during my recent road trip to southern district of Maharasthra which was Sindhudurg bordering Karnatka and Goa. it stretches on western coastline of India and kind of sand witched between Saiyadri range and Arabian Sea. There are many famous forts and beaches in this district besides a forest reserve near Amboli which is yet to undetected. We started early morning from Pune and followed some off routes to reach there. we did not follow the shortest one because we wanted to try some new routes with extra pit stops and untouched countryside. Due to our lazy driving, it turned out a whole day journey. After random fickle about the overnight stay option, we finally agreed to stay at Devbhag. It was about to sunset and we had great difficulty finding a place to stay but finally we got a room in the village... Room was very basic with tinn roof but decent enough for shoe strings travelers like us.. this was my forth trip to Konkana and i was already quite accustomed to Konkan's food and culture. we went to the beach in the night and enjoyed splashing with the mild current. Devbagh beach is relatively clearer than any other beach of Maharshtra's coast i traveled to. Sand was thicker. Actually it is not a popular beach so we happened to be the only group there. Devbagh is primarily inhabited with fishermen colonies and fishing is prime source of livelihood for most of the inhabitants. Devbhag is famous for Sindhudurg fort that lies on an island. one of the major tourist attractions of the district, Sindhudurg Fort is generally flooded with tourists and most of them prefer to stay in main city itself. Tarkarli beach is about 12 km far from the place we stayed at Devbagh and if you keep driving on coastline,you will reach to an estuary. river merging to an ocean. we figured it out next morning ...

Light House Near Tarkarli Beach in Malvan
                                                A Lighthouse near Tarkarli Beach at Malvan

before going ahead,i would like to share my experience about that night we spent on the fishing beach in Malvan. It was about 1:00 AM midnight and we walked onshore to the beach side. There were huge fishing nets spreading all over the place and sea was crowed with many fishing vessels. fishermen were using flash lights for instructions. they had some search vessels too for guessing fish density. Wide length of white sand was covered with a layer of fresh catch. They were pouring buckets and buckets of fishes on the beach .. we went to those guys and talked to them. we got to know worth of one bucket and it was just 100 bucks. fishing in the night is always precarious. as sea is always unpredictable specially in the night... so many families rely on that risky business .....but billing for that overnight/extra timing/odd timing business hours was just 100 bucks each bucket. when we are not considering risk associated with it.... it can cost a human life any moment. fishing companies and brokers always make huge profit ..but at the ground level these families are living in same deplorable conditions since ages. They might have gotten motor boat for namesake. These lives are indifferent with India's economic growth,inflation etc ... sometimes i feel we are misinterpreting India as a country considering just few metros all the time when it comes at living standard upliftment,statistics etc. May be their next few generations will have same life pattern. may be they would be out of job if any major fishing company starts there. for such issues a hell lot of discussion can be done whose conclusion will be uncertain like their future and ours as well. they considered us lucky and we too feel the same about them. their life is all about sea,beaches,fishing,islands,boating,deep water,swimming,nights. Those fishermen may never go to out of that beach in their entire life. you may think it a confined,boring. tedious,meaningless life.....for pseudo intellectuals (aka armchair philosophers) it can be a purposeless life  but they love it and that's what matters. rest is our illusion..... MAYA if i open my dictionary.... or we are made to think so. and that's why i believe "Ignorance is a bliss"

Fishing Boats near Tarakali Beach Malvan
                                                     Fishing Boats at Tarkarli Beach Malvan

sometimes that night keep playing back and forth in my head,giving me some directions,clues to achieve happiness that i can not interpret as of now...

I returned back to that room with Tinn roof. went to sleep and I had a dream of sailing stars across islands on a wooden boat, rolling up and down along high sea waves,laying on the boat in the silence of this great water body. reaching to horizon where i can see reflection from infinity. and vertically universe staring me ..with all that solace i get to know purpose of life ...that is analogous to purpose of this planet...

Sunset at Sindhudurg Fort at Malvan Konkan
                                                           Sunset at Sindhudurg Fort at Malvan
perhaps i realized the purpose of existence of that fisherman village near Malvan . purpose. we always try to seek. huuun. and i know what i have to do now. i got to keep breathing. because tomorrow Sun will rise from the east and who knows what the tide would bring next day. and I am smiling now...

Heart touching.....at some

Heart touching.....at some level i want them not to change and be effected by the selfishness and materialistic world...but the ground reality is that in few years this will change too....

Hi there... It is one the

Hi there... It is one the most insightful journey i ever had... I am still in the process of comprehending what i felt there... life changing experience it was and it did... Smile

It's superb! The place is

It's superb! The place is just amazing and narrated so well. The life in the rural area always make us think and teach philosophy of life. Gr8 post.

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Sindhudurg in konkan is one

Sindhudurg in konkan is one of the best region to explore...it completes in itself...amazing natural beauty...its a travel blog with a message...

keep writing

nice narration

more of a story telling with a spiritual message....well captured in a language...

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