After the Rains: Kapu Beach

Light house at Kapu Beach
Light house at Kapu Beach
There are innumerous attractions on the sea line of Udupi including some islands, estuaries and beaches. After struggling for lunch that too in Udupi (FYI: Udupi is a synonym of delicious dishes), we headed to our next destination Kapu beach. Kapu beach is some 15 km (30 minutes) far from Udupi and lies on Mangalore route.  You should get down at Kapu town which is 2-3 km inland to the beach. You can either go by walk or hire an auto (30 Rs) till the beach.  Kapu is a lesser known beach which can be easily distinguished with a light house. Kapu is a long stretch of palm fringed white sand on both side of the light house.  If you are reaching there in the evening, you must visit light house. It’s a distinct experience which also provides an aerial view of amazing coast line. You won’t regret climbing those staircases till the top once you uprise towards the ocean.
Kapu beach
                                               Kapu beach
Although Kapu is not blessed with overwhelming tourist facilities and you won’t find any beach side stay (There were some high budget resorts but prior booking is required for those) or full meal restaurants (There are some serving cocktails, seasonal juices, snacks etc) yet there were an opportunity to indulge into water sports. Kapu is certainly having a potential to be developed and transformed into a major beach destination of the country. Mesmerized by the everlasting stillness of Kapu beach, we pursued to get an accommodation at beach side but the closest stay was available at Kapu (3 km inland to Kapu beach) which was surely not worth.

Kapu light house visiting hours: 4:30 PM to 5:30 PM
Kapu light house entrée fee:  10 INR (Per head), 20 INR (Camera)

Twilight and the Sea at Kapu
Twilight and the Sea at Kapu Beach
During this non-monsoon visit to Arabian Sea, I was anticipating to witness beautiful sunset which I missed badly during my last trip in Monsoon. Sunset at Kapu beach in the backdrop of light house certainly went beyond my imaginations of Sun dipping down to the ocean. The twilight affect on the ocean was simply charismatic and left a bold impression in my memories. It was Vishnu who tapped on my shoulder and awoken me from that hallucination. We shared a glance and all he smirked perhaps a cryptic expression and we were heading back to Udupi to find an accommodation and gracing ourselves with famous Udupi Cuisines. There are many lodges near bus stand (budget room: 300-400 Rs per night) offering wide range of accommodation. However there are many restaurants luring tourists for authentic Udupi food but we went to the most reliable and known Woodlands restaurant which is generally crowded in the evening. After such a hectic day in travel, my amplified appetite was a challenge to the dishes and so were the dishes. In the end, the war of hunger was victoriously concluded by Udupi food. Time to return back in hotel room and fall asleep.
Receding Sun at Kapu beach
Receding Sun at Kapu beach
Udyavar pithrodi is another amazing island near Udupi (2-3 km before Kapu) which we missed but you should included. Bengre beach towards north also collects accolades of being a fine beach adjoining an estuary.

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Yes... its is operational....

Yes... its is operational....

Is the lighthouse functional?

Is the lighthouse functional? I mean, does it work and light is switched on during night times?

Thank you for the information on Kapu

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