Pushkar Fair Pushkar Mela: A life time experience for travelers.

Pushkar Fair : Welcome Aboard Pushkar Rajasthan
                                     Pushkar Fair : Welcome Aboard
"It’s truly a feast for the eyes. If you are anywhere within striking distance at the time, it’s an event not to be missed.” Lonely Planet

Pushkar Fair : A Gathering of generations Pushkar Rajasthan
                                 Pushkar Fair : A Gathering of generations
If you ever need to get your hands on thousands of camels, this is the place to go. The Pushkar Fair begins on the day of Kartik Shukla Ekadashi and continues till the full moon day (Kartik Purnima) in the month of November .The cattle fair at Pushkar has also a long history. People from northern India bring their cattle and the selling and the buying continues for five days. Even in the emperor jahangir’s time,cattle fair at Pushkar was one of the biggest cattle fairs in the north western India”.Pushkar fair also known as pushkar mela is not only the world's largest camel fair but its the largest cattle fair too. Traditionally a camel trading event, the pushkar mela has now become an international tourist attraction.
Pushkar Fair : A Camel Trade Pushkar Rajasthan

                                                              Pushkar Fair : A Camel Trade
the gaily decorated bulls, cows, sheep, goats, horses, camels led by colorful attires of men, women and children present a feast to the eyes in the background of the hills and the hillocks, azure blue holy lake and the sacred temples. The transformation of Pushkar from a serene desert town is awe-inspiring – the narrow streets are packed with flock of pilgrims, hawkers and thousands of tourists; hotels and restaurants are fully occupied and prices soar.
Pushkar Fair : Camel's Wall Street Pushkar Rajasthan
                                                                 Pushkar Fair : Camel's Wall Street
Camel traders often arrive a few days early to engage in the serious business of buying and selling. the most of animals disappear before the official starting date. Arrive three days ahead if you don’t want to miss this part of the fair. In addition to the camel trading. There are races, Camel polo matches,folk performance,puppet shows,best breed contest,bridal competition,moustache competition,acrobatics,ethnic shopping,body tattooing and other activities  but despite all these, people-watching plays a big role as the town’s population increases by 2000 percent during the week. The all-night drumming and singing in this Tent City can get very tiring. Some travelers fail to see this attraction now because of the continuous hassle from beggars, shopkeepers, holy men and millions of flies. Travelers are warn of pickpockets and purse snatchers.
Pushkar Fair : A Pleasant Morning in the livelihood Pushkar Mela
                        Pushkar Fair : A Pleasant Morning in the livelihood
The livestock fair has a religious significance as well. Pushkar is among the five main places of pilgrimage mentioned in Hindu scriptures. Thousands of devotees take a ritual dip in the holy pushkar lake on the day of the kartik purnima.The pushkar fair is the distillation of tradition and joei de vivre for the entire region. Pushkar mela is the vibrant kaleidoscope of images and colors.Every year the RTDC establishes a temporary “tourist village” which is situated in a huge area and basically meant for foreign tourists. From a room to a private cottage is available at different rents. During the Pushkar fair this village is full of tourists.
Pushkar Fair : Some Horse Drama Pushkar Mela
                                                                Pushkar Fair : Some Horse Drama
Key information:

Pushkar Fair calendar for the coming years:

2011 : 2-10 November

2012 : 20-28 November

2013 : 9-17 November

2014 : 30 October – 6 November

2015 : 18-25 November

For booking in “tourist village”, Call RTDC Toll free: 1800-103-3500

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