Parambikulam Wild Life, Palakkad, Kerala, India

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Parambikulam Wild Life, Palakkad, Kerala  - A Must  visit Hot Tourist Spot in South India


Parambikulam Tiger Reserve, located in Palakkad District, Kerala is the most protected ecological piece of Anamalai sub unit of Western Ghats, surrounded on all sides by protected areas and sanctuaries of Kerala and Tamil Nadu, the sanctuary is endowed with a peninsular flora and fauna which are excellently conserved due to total protection and minimal human interferences.

Western Ghats is one of the world’s 34 bio diversity hotspots. While considering the abundance of Wildlife and the adorable beauty of Nature, Parambikulam Tiger Reserve is perhaps the most attractive piece of wilderness in the entire stretch of Western Ghats. Thus it is popularly revered as ‘Nature’s own abode’.
There are so many amazing attractions / activities available for tourists from world wide in Parambikulam. Here's the list of major attractions in Parambikulam.
1. Kannimara Teak
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Kannimara Teak is one of the worlds largest living teak tree found in Parambikulam with amazing girth of 7.02 m and height of 39.98 m. This tree was awarded Maha Virksha puraskar during 1994-95.According to the local tribal belief here when this tree was tried to cut down, the blood spurted out from the place of cut. This tree was being since then worshipped by the local tribes in Parambikulam as "Virgin tree". Thus the name Kannimara is given as the word ‘ Kanni’ means ‘Virgin’. This tree has been awarded ‘Mahavriksha Puraskar’ by the Government of India.
2. Nature Interpretation centre
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The modern interprtation centre at anappadi is equipped with "state-of-art" audio visual facilities. It has interactive three dimensional models of bio-diversity hotspots, of the world, western ghat, kerala and Parambikulam wildlife sanctuary. It has three series of modern quiz machine for evaluating your wildlife knowledge.It also has one tiger cell wich is the repository of information on this charismatic cat-the tiger. In the audio visual section one can come across different and interesting bio- acoustics and feel the sound of forest and wildlife. The medicinal plants section will take you into the wonderful world of rare and endangered medicinal plants of Western ghats and Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary.
3. Valley View Point
Vallye View Point, Parambikulam.jpg
4.Parambikulam Dam
Parambikulam Dam.jpg
5. Vanasree Ecoshop
Vanasree Eco Shop, Parambikulam.jpg
6. Tribal Heritage Centre
Tribal Heritage Centre, Parambikulam.jpg
7. Dam View Point
Dam View Point, Parambikulam.jpg
8. Thunakkadavu Dam
Thunakkadavu Dam, Parambikulam.jpg
Activities for tourists
1. Bamboo Rafting
Bamboo Rafting, Parambikulam.jpg
A unique rowing experience cruising on the century old locally designed bamboo rafts through the vast reservoirs of Parambikulam Tiger Reserve. During the rafting one can witness the magnificent gift of nature. Also one will have an opportunity to unearth the history of Parambikulam Dam. Bamboo rafting is available in both Parambikulam and Peruvaripallam dam managed by the Kadas and Sungam EDC boatmans.
2. Kannimara Safari
Kanjimara Teak Safari, Parambikulam.jpg
Kannimara Teak is really a visual splendor which will please not only our eyes but also expand out chest out in pride witnessing the largest living Teak on mother earth. It has an unbelievable girth of 6.5 mtrs and it needs atleast 5 adult persons to encircle the trunk with their stretched arms. Be a party to this natural history and heritage.
3. Tribal Symphony
Tribal Symphony.jpg
This programme is performed by the women EDC members representing from Kadas and Earthdam colony.This is performed in the open stage at Parambikulam centre for thirty minutes.
4. Jungle Safari 
Jungle Safari, Parambikulam.jpg
A jungle safari which will quench one’s desire to witness all important wildlife in the park. A 3 ½ hour jungle safari will reveal the inner secrets of Parambikulam to outside world. This unique safari programme is offered for the Day visitors between 7.00 am and 3.00 pm daily by FDA operated Safari vehicles. One trained tribal naturalist will accompany the jungle safari from Anappady, and he will describe the features enroute. Free drinking water is provided in the vehicle. The visitors can experience Orientation Centre, view points like lake view, Dam view, valley view points, engineering marvels like Parambikulam dam, Thunacadavu dam, Earthdam and assemblage of tribal culture (Tribal Heritage Centre) and World famous largest teak on planet earth - the Kannimara teak.
The day visitors can reach upto Information Centre Anappady by their own vehicle from their Jungle Safari will start by the FDA operated vehicles. No private vehicles of day visitors will be allowed inside the park. Rs. 150/person (above 5 years old) is the Jungle Safari Rate and maximum of 20 person per vehicle.
Besides this, Jungle Camps will be available in Parambikulam Forest.
Your South India Tour will not complete without visiting parambikulam Wild Life.


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Lovely Article,Really looking

Lovely Article,Really looking forward to got to Parambikulam,especially want to see the big,old tree(Kannimara Teak)

Thanks for your comment..

Thanks for your comment.. keep dropping by.

+- Vishnu

Thanks Vikas For your

Thanks Vikas For your comment. You can visit Parambikulam during your Kerala Tour.


Thanks Ajish for your comment. We have already published about Nelliyampathy and Pothundi in different articles. Request you to read the articles.


Awesome place........

Awesome place........

Nelliyampathy, a hill station

Nelliyampathy, a hill station here, is a scenic place that everyone should try at least once in life. 

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