Kutch Travel Guide: Revisiting detachment

I am now starting to believe that Kutch is the region which offered me an insight of the word “Detachment”…. Detachment, a word which is liberally exploited by meditation hubs of first world and by so many self deluded individuals in order to teach you the art of living… Most of us overlook the side of detachment which is devoid to Human’s feelings.... like a detached geographical location… In its own shell…content…flourishing and sustaining its primeval rusticity… swirling sea, inhospitable terrain, periodic floods to the sea, shift in River’s course, natural disasters had a philosophical impact on the resilient spirit of the people of Kutch… Finally detachment left them to rise own their own from the ground… every time.. again, again and again…. Isolation from outside influence helped these communities to preserve their distinct characteristics, customs, rituals, and social surroundings.. Preserved heritage of Kutch is now the prime attraction for discerned visitors… Villages of Kutch region are known for intricate embroidery, pottery, handicrafts and block printing.
Road in the middle of Kutch
                                                        Road in the middle of Kutch
Kutch was practically detached from the rest of the India due to its Geographical location which is indeed very sullen and challenging. For a very long time, Kutch enjoyed the splendid isolation until the faster means of commutations reached to its boundaries and later intruded… Attachment with rest of India brought miscellaneous developments within the shell of Kutch… Some of those are leveraging the rich heritage in the name of responsible traveling or thoughtful traveling… Numerous social projects are doing remarkable empathetic work for uplifting the social life of Nomadic communities… High-end rural tourism initiatives for bridging the intellectuals to rustics or perhaps ostentatious to generous….

Once a detached geography surrounded by Sea and Marsh land, Kutch is now a popular tourist trail…. The way Maya (Outer distractions) encroaches to our inner peace just for scintillating desires and eventually qualm, we also have reached to Kutch with a hope for people…. Or is it otherwise…. I can vividly recall the expression from the camel-cart rider in the middle of Rann when I was trying to take a photograph….

An Insolent smile….

Have I come to Kutch only to get deceived…. Yet again....

Kutch Travel Guide

Disclaimer: Please don’t feel disappointed if you are planning anything less 5 days for Kutch

*-------------------------Prime Tourist Attractions---------------------*

White Desert near Dhordo
                                              White Desert near Dhordo

White Desert near Dhordo

80 km north of Bhuj, Hosting site of Rann Utsav

India Bridge

On the edge of Rann in the north of Bhuj. Civilians are not allowed beyond this point

Kalo Dungar

North of Bhuj. Vintage point for White desert

Wind Farm Beach Mandvi

Fine beach, 60 km South to Bhuj

Dhinodhar Hills

70 km West of Bhuj. Hill overlooking the vast land of Rann

Kutch Museum

Oldest Museum of Gujarat

Narayan Sarovar

Sacred Site situated Closer to Kori Creek


An ancient trading port on the edge of Marsh land


Remote Harappan site in the middle of Great Rann. 230 km East of Bhuj.

*-----------------Places of Archeological interests-----------------------*

Excavation Site of Dholavira
                                        Excavation Site of Dholavira


Remote Harappan site in the middle of Great Rann. 230 km East of Bhuj.


Related to Indus valley civilization near Nakhatrana in the West of Bhuj


Belongs to Indus Valley Civilization and situated near Adesar

Shikarpur & Rayan Village

Near Mandvi in the South of Bhuj

*------------------------Wild life in Kutch----------------------------------*

Wild Ass Sanctuary near Dhrangadhra
                                   Wild Ass Sanctuary near Dhrangadhra

Chhari Dhandh Lake

Flamingos & Pelicans. Can be approached from Hodko village

Wild Ass Sanctuary

Asiatic Wild Asses. Located near Adesar on the edge of Little Rann

Naliya Region

Bustard Bird and Chinkara. In the West of Bhuj

*----------------------Famous Pilgrim Places in Kutch-----------------------*

Narayan Sarovar Kutch
                                                Narayan Sarovar

Narayan Sarovar

Sweet water lake. Situated on the mouth of Arabian Sea

Mata Na Madh

Venerable Temple in the West of Kutch

Koteshwar Mahadev

Temple on the edge of Kori Creek

Jesal-Toral Samadhi

Located in Anjar town in the East of Bhuj

Haji pir Dargah

North-West of Bhuj. Very close to International Border

Ravechi Mataji

Close to Rapar in the East of Kutch

Momai Mataji

Situated near Anjar in the east of Bhuj

Jain Panch Tirth of Kutch: Suthari, Sanchan, Tera, Naliya, Jakhou & Kothara.

Famous Jain Derasar in Kutch: Bhadreshwer Deraser, Bauter Jinnalay, Don (Glass made Derasar) and Lakkadiya (Wood Carved derasar)

Well Known Handicrafts of Kutch: Embroidery- Suff, Jatt, Mutva, Harijan, Rabari, Ahir, Neran, Sodha-Rajput, Mashroo and dolls.

Famous Hand Work: Copper bell work, Lakh work, Leather work, Mud Work, Ajarakh Block Printing Work, Batik work, weaving, Bandhani Tie-Die.

Bhuj is the district headquarter of Kutch and the most preferred base for the travelers to Kutch. Since Tourist attractions of Kutch are located in each side of Bhuj, there are four popular tourist circuits around Bhuj those can be covered in a day trip or two.  Here goes the consolidated version of those circuits with key information.

*-------------------------Bhuj City Sightseeing---------------------------*

Clock Tower in Prag Mahal
                                                Clock Tower in Prag Mahal
Kutch Museum (10 AM to 1 PM, 2 PM to 5 PM): Oldest Museum of Gujarat State, encompassing beautiful pieces of sculptures, samples of handicrafts, products of old traditional small-scale industries of Kutch.
Aaina Mahal (9 AM to 12 PM, 3 PM to 6 PM): This Gorgeous palace is the amalgamation construction of Gothic culture of Italian architecture and traditional Indian architecture.
Sharad Bagh Palace: Sharad Bagh Palace is a botanical garden.
Nutan Shree Swaminarayan Mandir: Beautiful temple made of white stone.
Tri-Mandir: Tri-Mandir is a Dada-Baghwan Mandir near Hill Garden.
Hill Garden: Newly constructed garden on hill top.
Bhartiya Sanskriti Darshan: The Traditional Folk Museum situated near D.C office.
Khamir: Khamir works to reposition of craft and folk music in Kutch.
Bhujodi: Famous for its weaving work, Bhujodi is situated 12 km south to Bhuj.

Public Transport/Commutation: If you are not up to walking, Autos are available for city sightseeing.  Frequent Buses to Bhujodi.


*--Northern Side of Kutch: Dhordo-Kaladungar-India Bridge Circuit--*

The Great Rann of Kutch
                                           The Great Rann of Kutch
Nirona: Nirona Village is famous for its Rogan work and copper bell work.
Bhirindiyara: Famous for sweet milk cake. Permits for Dhordo are obtained from this place.
Kalo dungar: Guru Dattatrey Mandir and very clear view of vast white desert can be seen.
Khavda: Khavda is famous for its pottery work and Block printing work.
Ludiya: Ludiya village is famous from its Handicraft varieties and cone shaped houses.
Hodka: Sham E Sarhad Resort and Leather Work is famous in Hodka Village.
Dhordo: Dhordo is the last village which leads to vast white Rann of Kutch. Hosting site of Rann Utsav.
India Bridge:  On the edge of Great Rann, it’s the last point accessible to Civilians.
Zero Point: 80 km from India Bridge towards International Border.  Special Permissions are required. Permit can be obtained from BSF office, Hill Garden Bhuj. Zero point is a delight for adventure seekers. Road is in good condition and runs in the middle of Great Rann. It is certainly the best Rann experience one can have in Kutch and best chance to sight wild life.

** Chari Dhandhh is a bird watching site which can be visited by 4*4 vehicles. It is near from Hodak village.

** Fuel stations are not available on this side of Kutch so it’s recommended to have your fuel tank full before starting from Bhuj. Biker should be more careful on this front.

Public Transport:
- One Gujarat Tourism Department Bus travel to Dhordo (Via Loriya, Hodko) and returns back. It starts at 10:00 AM and charges 70 INR for the whole tour.
- Frequent busses are available till Khavda (Via Loriya, Bhirandiyara, Ludiya). Beyond Khavda, you are on your own.
- From Bhuj, there is a bus to Kalo Dungar every Sunday.

Sleeping/Eating: High-end resorts from various rural tourism companies are intermittently located otherwise one can get tented accommodation at Dhordo during Rann Utsav. Road side Dabbas serving delicious Gujarati Thali are in all the villages. I enjoyed one of the best meals of Gujarat in Khavda in just 50 INR at a queer Daba.

*------Western Side of Kutch: Narayan Sarovar- Lakhpat Circuit------*

Rampart of Lakhpat overlooking the Great Rann
                                   Rampart of Lakhpat overlooking the Great Rann
Vandhya: Famous for its Ram Mandir/ Maa Umiya Mandir and Ishwar Ashram.
Punvareshvar Temple: Punvareshvar is 2000 years’ old Lord Shiva temple.
Kheta Bapa: Kheta Bapa Mandir is famous for its gigantic statues of Hindu God.
Mata na Madh: Ma Ashapura Temple.
Narayan Sarovar: Situated on the mouth of Arabian Sea, It’s a Sweet water lake. It is one of the five sacred lakes of India, mentioned in Puranas that It is one of the Bethak of Maha Prabhuji.
Koteshwar Temple: Ancient Lord Shiva Temple established by Raavan as per Puranas. Situated on the mouth of Kori Creek.
Lakhpat: An ancient trading port, an old fort and Guru Nanakdev of Sikh Sect, stayed at this place for some time.
Than:  Situated 60 km North-West of Bhuj, Than is quite off the tourist trail. Known for a monastery and venerable temple of Dhoramnath, Than is splendidly set in laid-back surroundings with hills and relics. Surprisingly none of the tour operator from Bhuj includes Than in their offered itineraries.
Naliya: Bustard and Chinkara Sanctuary.
Public Transport:
* From Bhuj, There are frequent State Transport busses to Narayan Sarovar (Via Mata na Madh, Dayapar and Pandhro). Some of these busses also go till Koteshwar. The First bus from Bhuj is at 5:45 AM.
* 2-3 Busses in a day connect Lakhpat to Bhuj. First bus to Lakhpat departs at 6:00 AM in the morning.  Alternatively one can take a bus till Dayapar and then hitch-hike or use Khatra for the journey till Lakhpat Fort.
* One Bus to Than from Bhuj every day.
* Naliya is also well connected with Bhuj

** Fuel stations are at regular distance in this side of Kutch

Sleeping/Eating: Basic accommodations are available at all the towns on this side. Even at Lakhpat. Similarly, Snack stalls and basic restaurants are also not a problem on this stretch. Nakhatrana is the best option to break your journey and have good food.

*-------Southern Side of Kutch: India house-Mandvi Circuit--------*

Wind Farm Beach Mandvi
                                        Wind Farm Beach Mandvi
Bauter Jinalay: Bauter Jinalay is a Jain temple, famous for white stone carving.
India House: India house is replica of India house in London. Memorial for freedom fighters
Ambedham, Godhra: Beautiful Maa Amba Mandir, Museum and replica of Maa Vaisnav devi Cave is very famous monument here.
Vijay Vilas Palace: Its seasonal palace of Maharao Shri Vijayraj ji. It is an amalgamation of Mughal and Hindu architecture.
Wild Farm Beach: Best beach of Kutch for Tourists.
Ship making yard: Ship making business has flourished in Mandvi where wooden ships are constructed.

Public Transport: State transport busses (hourly, 58 INR, 60km, 90 minutes) ply between frequently between Bhuj and Mandvi. One can also get shared Jeeps (Toofan) between these two cities.

Accommodation/Restaurants: Mandvi is a busy beach town and offers handful of accommodation options. Some of those are closer to Wind Farm beach. Restaurants and snack stalls are sufficient in this entire stretch.  Wind Farm beach becomes lively in the evening.

Mandvi to Jamnagar Ferry: Does not operates any longer. Only way is overland.

*----------Eastern Side of Kutch: Dholavira-Adesar Circuit--------------*

Road to Dholavira
                                               Road to Dholavira
Jesal-Toral, Anjar: Jesal-Toral is a shrine located in Anjar. Anjar is also famous for Bandhani Sarees.
Dholavira: The Harappan site at Dholavira has been discovered in 1967-68.Located in an island called Khadir, this major harappan city, is spread over an area of about 100 hectares.
Wild Asiatic Ass:  Best Chance to see wild Asiatic Ass is nearby Adesar village on the edge of Little Rann

Note: With public transport, it’s not possible to do this stretch as a one day trip from Bhuj. It’s recommended to visit this side of Kutch at the end of your Kutch trip and keep Rapar as the base.

How to reach Dholavira (Public Transport):  Dholavira is quite a remote village and very difficult to visit by public transport. The best option is to reach Rapar which is some 90 km before Dholavira… Stay overnight at Rapar.. Next morning, Get the first Mini bus to Dholavira (90 km, 40 Rs, 2 hours 30 minutes)… Visit Dholavira and return back to Rapar from Mini Bus…. The last Mini Bus from Dholavira to Rapar departs at 12:30 PM so you won’t be having much time for meaningless meandering.

* Direct bus from Bhuj to Dholavira departs at 2:30 PM which reaches Dholavira at 10:00 PM.
* 2-3 Direct busses (5:45 AM, 6:45 AM) to Rapar from Bhuj. The best option is to board the bus to Ravechi which departs from Bhuj at 6:00 AM and reaches Rapar around 10:30 AM.
* Mini busses ply between Rapar and Dholavira. These busses are painfully slow and their timings are very irregular. In fact you won’t be getting any return bus from Dholavira after 12:30 PM. surprisingly the last bus from Rapar to Dholavira is at 5:30 PM.

* Rapar has got 2-3 basic hotels near Bus stand. These are more like home-stay and charges are nominal (200-300 INR per night)
* Dholavira has got only one accommodation option and seems like they provide dormitory as well. Dholavira Tourism Resort (9727784044,9427719044). If you are planning to stay overnight at Dholavira then I will recommend you to call them in advance and confirm. The place was deserted when I visited there.
* From my personal experience, I believe Dholavira does not have any eatery.
* Rapar has got handful of restaurants. Punjabi Daba near Adesar turn is the best pick of the town.

*** Hitch-hiking can be a favorable option if you get stuck in Dholavira. Chances are bright to get a lift till Rapar. I was lucky..
An Evening at Rann Utsav, Dhordo
                                      An Evening at Rann Utsav, Dhordo
Rann Utsav Dates: from 15th December to 31st January.

Cell phone signals: Available almost everywhere from all the major operators.

Hiring Taxi in Bhuj: All the tour operators in Bhuj provides vehicle for your self-planned trip. Charges for an economical car (Indica) are 7 INR per km.

Hiring Bike in Bhuj: Hiring a bike in Bhuj is not as easy as mentioned in most of the Guide books.  There is barely one Garage in the town which is still renting bikes. Unlike other popular tourist towns of the country, you will have to pay a hefty amount as deposit for getting a bike. Bikes can be hired from MK Auto (09898983999/09913060136) opposite to Chhathibari. They charged 5000 INR as deposit (Refundable) and 500 INR per day as rent.
Khatra of Gujarat
                                         Khatra, your savior in hard times
Khatra: Any Guide about Gujarat will be incomplete without crediting Khatra. Here is the carrier which you will find everywhere in Gujarat even at some of the remotest villages. Khatra primarily runs as public transport between villages. Khatra can be very handy in predicaments. An honest Khatra’s owner should charge 10 INR per km for dropping you to a road to connected world.

Maps: Download from the links below



Hello VK We two senior women

Hello VK
We two senior women have planned to visit Ranotsav on Jan 28,29&30,18.
We are reaching Bhuj on early morning & have planned to visit Matano Madh,Narayan Sarovar, Koteshwer,Lakhpat etc. Mandvi beach & Vijay Vilas palace etc by private transportation,night stay in Bhuj. Next morning we will join Gujrat Tourism package of Ranotsav & will be back to Bhuj on Jan 30 by 3 pm. (Bhuj sight seeing is complimentary by GT).we will be heading to Anjar, Gandhidham,night stay at Gandhidham.On 31st heading to Dholavira,back to Bhuj in evening.Tour ends.
We request your guidance please.
Please reply soon

We would be coming to Bhuj in

We would be coming to Bhuj in December and would stay for two days. We plan to visit Rann of Kutch and Dholavira, please suggest. We plan ot use public transport. Please advise.

please tell me how many days

please tell me how many days require to visit of kutch 

please call me 9427335067

Hi Vishnu, Came across your

Hi Vishnu,

Came across your blog as I was researching for my friend and my proposed trip to Kutch. We want to spend some days with handicraft artisans and visit Rann of Kutch. We have a week to seven days. I wonder if there are villages which have homestays where we can spend time with the artisans? Also how many days would you advise for the Rann?Any advice will be very helpful. Thanks.

Hi. Mr.vishnu

Hi. Mr.vishnu Bhai,   visiting in kutch so pls suggest me best route for dholavira,lakhpat,bhuj,Mandvi, and minimum how many days for above place.

Ad possible to Rent bike.


Please give me reply

4-5 days are needed to visit

4-5 days are needed to visit all the places you mentioned.

Vishnu vai...Thanxx from core

Vishnu vai...Thanxx from core of my heart. This is the most valuable and most working travel guide on Kutch I ever had. This is specifically very useful for a solo bagpacker type of tourist like me.

Thanx once again. Keep enlighting us.

Thanks for your comment. Keep

Thanks for your comment. Keep dropping by Smile

Hi, Planning to go to Rann

Hi, Planning to go to Rann and Dholavira, just need to know, are there cabs available for to and fro from Rapar to Dholavira?

no..there are only buses. you

no..there are only buses. you can hire a private taxi though.

Thanks Vishnu for such a

Thanks Vishnu for such a great article. I am planning a 10 days solo trip for exploring Rann of Kutch and Rajasthan(Udaipur, Jodhpur, Ajmer and Jaipur). I am looking for cheap accomodation in in Dhordo village(mud houses). It would be great if you could share a rough estimate of accomodation cost in Rann of Kutch. How feasible is it to stay in Bhuj and commute to Dhordo for the Rann Utsav. 

PS - Is Rann Utsav an all night festival? My travel dates are 15 Januar 17.


It is feasible to stay in

It is feasible to stay in Bhuj and drive to Dhordo for the festival. Everything around Dhordo is really expensive. Yes, festival is for whole night. 10 days trip for Rajasthan and Bhuj might be bit hectic. I do not know about the cost of the accommodation in Dhordo. I have stayed in Bhuj.

hi, please suggest about

hi, please suggest about ahmedabad to kutch tour by travels for 2-3 days & also about where we shoulde stay for full moon night.

For full moon light, stay at

For full moon light, stay at Dhordo or Dholavira. From Ahemdabad, you need to come to Bhuj (via Dholavira or return via Dholavira). 2-3 days are sufficient for the trip.

Hi, I am planning to visit


I am planning to visit kutch and all the nearby places as I have around 1 week of time. I don't wan't to stay in resort or hotel if its costly as I have very limited money. I have my tent and sleepling bag with me. Can I carry this and sleep around safely.

Another concern is transportation, I can't effort to book a car, Will I get the local transport for all the places?  or can I get bike on rent and visit all the nearby places in 4-5 days, How much it would cost me.

I would be starting my journey from Bangalore and reach Gandhidham jn. From Gandhidham I have to use public transport or bike if available.

Thanks in advance.



I am not sure if bike rental

I am not sure if bike rental is possible in Bhuj. it is still not that common in this region. As for public transport, Yes, it is available to every place. it might be not that frequent but definitely it is there. also they have some local jeeps etc which you can take.

For Sleeping bag and tent. besides big cities i think its ok to pitch in the tent.





Maheshana-Bhachau-Bhuj-Hodaka (450kms).

Most attractive tourist place:

1)Great Rann of Kutch :dhorado-kandhavan-Ekal rann- Amaraper-Janan Khadir are villages to see Great Rann(also known as White Rann).

2)Dholavira: Herrapan civilization- Indus velly-5000years old city.

3)Mangroves Island permission rom port/customs necessary approcable from Bhujpur-Navirnar (Mundra) villages

4)NIRONA Village: When PM narendra Modi first time meets to American Presient he gifted Rogan Art- one & only one in India.

5)Mandvi Beach: only beach in India where you will see thousand of birds arrived in morning.

5)Bhujpur Village: Green Kutch this area produces 47% of dates &  Kesar brand Mangoes.

6)Dhirodhar Hills : kamgiri paining- Than Monestery Natha sect

7)Azarkhapur/Dhamkara villages:natural colour block printing.

8)Lakhapat Fort: built by Fateh Mohamad in 1750 where GuruNanak devaji stay.

9)Natural Cure Centres: at Kharoi,Asambia, Bidada FITNESS COMES FIRST.

10)ChaariDhandh : wetland for birds but time is very important

Other Hindu-Jain -Muslim religion places like Narayan sarover, mata-Na- Madh, Bhadreshaver,  72- Bahuter,hajipir, swmi Naray temples ect.

Thanks for adding such a

Thanks for adding such a useful information.

you can check the route on

you can check the route on google map. it is the best resource available. As for sightseeing around Bhuj, i will recommend to spend one day in the north kutch (towards Dhordo and beyond) and also one day in western side (towards Lakhpat).

Hi vishnu...my husband and me

Hi vishnu...my husband and me are planning to visit grk from29th January..we will hire a car..want to cover hordo,bhuj,india bridge/zero point,koteswar,mandvi,dholavira..planning to station at saam e sharhad..according to you how many days are required for the above mentioned places to cover

With private vehicle, It will

With private vehicle, It will take 4 days (1 full day to north of Kutch, 1 towards Mandhvi etc, 1 for Bhuj and 1 for Dholavira). Journey to Dholavira itself is very long.

Dear Vishnubhai, We are total

Dear Vishnubhai,

We are total 12 person and 4 kids have planned to visit matana madh on ONV first week after dipawali. I have booked train tickets from ahmedabad-bhu-ahmedabad. I will reach Bhuj station on 7.30 morning.

We are planning to visit Ashapura mata na madh first. Then we wiull visit Koteshwar temple and finally back to Bhuj station. My return train is at 10.15 night from Bhuj to Ahmedabad.

For entire travel from (Bhuj railway station>Matana madh>Koteshwar temple>Bhuj railway station) i want to book Big Taxi like TOOFAN. Can i have any contact number/person in bhuj with whom i can talk  and make advance booking? We do not want to travel with public bus.

Waiting for your reply.

Rudreksh Patel



Hi Rudreksh, Unfortunately i

Hi Rudreksh,

Unfortunately i do not have any number with me but i am sure you will find plenty of tour agents in Bhuj who can arrange vehicle for your trip.

+- Vishnu

Hi Vishnu There is a lot of

Hi Vishnu

There is a lot of good work you have put up about the fascinating Kutch.  I stumbled along this site during a search for traveling in the Kutch.   I have 3 to 3.5 days in Kutch and my places of interest are Dholavira, White Desert, Kalo Dungar, India Bridge and Narayan Sarovar.   My question is please advise me on the route to take and could I rent a taxi from Gandhidham to visit these places and back.    I arrive Gandhidham Railway station from Kolkata on 13 July 5 pm then leave for Ahmedabad on 17 night.  


I have 3 days in Ahmedabad and will appreciate your advice on places to visit for 2 days and 1 day to relax in Amdavad.  


Many thanks



First keep base in Bhuj and

First keep base in Bhuj and visit everything except Dholavira. Dholavira is far from bhuj and you will have to stay there overnight (or in Rapar). Ahmedabad also has a lot to see, you can check my blogpost on Ahmedabad for more details.

Dear Vishnu, we are staying

Dear Vishnu,

we are staying in Zainabad 3 nights and 4 days ( from 12th-15th dec ), on 15th Dec from Zainabad we want go Dhordo. we want to enjoy Rann utsav there and want to stay in Tent. next morning we want go dholavira and back direct to ahmedabad with hired car which we will hire from from zainabad.

please suggest.


I think your itinerary is

I think your itinerary is already well-outlined. Everything is do-able which you had planned.

i want to 2 days from

i want to 2 days from khuch

want to visit

white ran

mata no madh

is it possible to go from dhordo to mata no madh directly?

pl.guide me



Hi Hitesh, please read the

Hi Hitesh, please read the reply below . there is no direct way

Dear sir, Their is no way 

Dear sir,

Their is no way  directely from Dhorado to Mata Na Madh.

One shorest way  will be Dhorado-Nera-Hajipir-Mata- Na-Madh ,just you have to pass about 08kms

in White Rann.Any Dhorado villagers will accompany you to pass this   stretch of land scape.

It is not way or road but just grass land/wet and.

Mahenda Bhedda

Thank you very much Mahenda

Thank you very much Mahenda for adding your inputs.

Hi, Great information on


Great information on these pages.  Thanks for putting this up.  

I am planning to visit the White Rann and stay in the tents Feb 21-23.  Is it possible to get a reasonably priced shared taxi/car to Ahmedabad Airport from there?  My flight leaves from Ahmedabad in the evening on the 23rd, and I was wondering if I could leave in the morning and get there in time. I am by myself and traveling with minimal luggage.

Best Regards,


I am not sure about shared

I am not sure about shared taxis on that route. Road is very good and you should be able to manage by road. you need to start very early in the morning. It's quite a distance nevertheless.

+- Vishnu

Hi. Thanks. This is a very

Hi. Thanks. This is a very detailed article as interesting as it is.

I plan to go to the Rann of Kutch next month, and I plan to stay there for about a week (one day in Bhuj, 5 days near the Rann of Kutch lake and 1 or 2 days in Wild Ass sanctuary; although I have a few questions, both caused by my low budget in this travel. I will already be visiting Udaipur for a few days before reaching Kutch, and will sadly be left with little money to travel leisurely yet I'm determined to spend 5 days anywhere near the Rann of Kutch desert and lake.

First, will it be worth for me to travel the Wild Ass sanctuary. Are there other animals there besides the wild ass itself, or if not, are the wild asses worth seeing in themselves, or is the place scenic to pay a visit anyway? Secondly, can I find budget hotels or youth hostels north of Bhuj towards the kutch lake and the white desert? I want to spend as much money as I can on my stays in these places. I hope you will be helpful to answer my doubts. Thanks a lot!

Hi Chetan, North of Bhuj is

Hi Chetan,

North of Bhuj is relatively expensive for finding accommodation. most of the options are high-end resort. backpackers prefer to stay in Bhuj and hire a motorcycle to experience North of Bhuj. On your first question about wild ass sanctuary, its less traveled and might not look appealing due to salt panes etc but still its worth visiting. Mirage of Little rann is truly mesmerizing. about wildlife, there is not much besides migrants birds and wildass.

+- Vishnu

Thanks. My whole idea was to


My whole idea was to not miss the full moon on my visit (22nd Feb). Is there no way I can stay back on the desert without actually booking a stay? I suppose that will be extremely cold, and if not, will it be safe?

It would not be very cold. On

It would not be very cold. On safety, i do not think there is any problem. During my visit, I stayed there till 11 PM and then drove back to Bhuj on bike.

yes, indeed. during our trip,

yes, indeed. during our trip, though we were unfortunate to enjoy full moon white runn due to water logging in OCTO. -NOV., our car owner/driver asked to revisit in Dec.-Jan-Feb and told that there is police bundobast during the period , being runnostav and tourist peak season.

Hi Bharat, Thanks for sharing

Hi Bharat,

Thanks for sharing these inputs. it will be very helpful for fellow travelers.

+- Vishnu

Hi, The documents thats you


The documents thats you have made are very detailed and I can see the amount of hard work you have put in them since I too blog but on a different site. The whole Gujarat journey is very well organized. What i like most about it is that it reflects the difference between a traveller and a tourist with traveller taking decisions then and there based upon the constraints thrown upon him/her whereas a tourist has it all planned.

I visited Gujarat last year, but going there again. I am reaching there 21st afternoon and leaving from Bhuj on 23rd night or 24th Morning for ahmedabad.

The things I have not seen last time are Dholavira, Flamingo city and Little rann of Kutch ( Dhrangdhara etc). I needed your help on how much of it I can see this time. and since I am alone, I would have to rely on public mode of transport. 

For Ahmedabad I have narrowed down on Patan, Modhera and if possible Lothal.



Thanks for the words of

Thanks for the words of appreciation.. Smile

Why do you want to go to Bhuj for visiting Dholavira. I would suggest you to skip Bhuj. From Ahemadabad, directly go to Rapar or Dholavira and visit Little rann of Kutch on the way back. Public transport is thin but available to most of the towns.

+- Vishnu

aahhhh....I wish you had told

aahhhh....I wish you had told me this earlier. Maine bhi dimag nahi lagaya. Could have done this on 21st and 22nd Jan. Wasted that time in Bhuj. Now toh I am back. 

Went to modhera, patan, sidhpur, vadnagar in North of ahmedabad wala region.

aaah i see.. Modhera and

aaah i see.. Modhera and Patan are equally delightful. Next time you can plan Dholavira etc.

+- Vishnu

i have two days for visiting

i have two days for visiting in kutch so pls suggest me best route for that

For 2 days, i would suggest

For 2 days, i would suggest you to visit Rann of Kutch (Dhordo side) one day and visit Narayan sarovar, Lakhpat next day.

+- Vishnu

Had a marvellous stay in Tent

Had a marvellous stay in Tent City for a week during 3rd week of December 15, the hospitality i.e boarding, lodging , transport , club facilities etc were great . The most important and memorable events of this maiden Gujrat visit were the quality of foods, people with gravity and substance and of very low profile and down to earth . Work is worship for them 









Thanks for your comment. it

Thanks for your comment. it will be very useful for other travelers. Keep dropping by.

+- Vishnu

Hi Vishnu, Can you please

Hi Vishnu,

Can you please suggest me a tentative plan for 4 days tour to Katch in mid Oct(I want to visit during full moon ie 15 th Oct,2016).

I want to cover mainly northern part of  Kutch,Wild Ass santuary and Dholavira (I am not interested on Mandvi side).

I will come from Ahmedabad (basically coming from Hyderabd),so my plan is to hire a car from Ahmedabad and go to Kutch.

You should spend a night in

You should spend a night in Dholavira then then one night in Bhuj and one more night in North of Bhuj near White desert. For Wild Ass Sanctuary, you can do on the way to Bhuj or coming back. you can stay in Dhragandhra.

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