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professional techie and a occasional wanderer

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I love travelling and hiking in the Ghats of Karnataka.From a long time I have been trying to explore the secrets and hidden challenges of the Ghats.... Each and every time i visit...i have been always welcomed with new set of challenges ...completely different from the previous ones....

" One can understand the value of life only when pushed to limits "


Trek,Trek and Trek

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puneeth Missing the ghats! Its just the phoenix desert around!! :-( will be back soon! 2 years ago
puneeth Its Your attitude that decides the beauty of a place!! Sometimes, even a bush can be a bouquet for a hiker!! 3 years ago
puneeth Dilemma in deciding about a hitch hike....??? Just flip a coin!!! 4 years ago
puneeth Programmed , never to give up!!! 4 years ago
puneeth seldomly visiting civilization from the ghats.... 5 years ago
puneeth Dont listen what they say..Better Go and See!! 5 years ago
puneeth I believe the nature to be a very supreme power.... capable enough to turn a dumb like me into someone who can write blogs 5 years ago
puneeth It's a round trip. Getting to the peak is optional, getting down is mandatory... 5 years ago
puneeth Wondering how people spend their weekends sitting on a sofa ,watching Television.....World is too big guys!!explore it!! 5 years ago
puneeth My life turns beautiful when i travel!! 5 years ago