Western Ghats

          I consider it to be one of my basic rights to choose a peak, a place or a location in Western Ghats when obliged to plan a trip, trek or an outing. 

                Situated amidst the deep dense forest of Western ghats in Uttar Kannada, Burude jog, is one amongst a few multitiered waterfalls in Karnataka

GREEN ROUTE: A place where beauty is at its peak
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              Let me share with u guys those memories from my vault… dated back to engineering days.

Mandalpatti : A hidden treasure of the Ghats
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             I strongly feel …...Coorg is the only place in Karnataka where I can dwell rest of my life enjoying the enchanting beauty of the place.

 IIt was 6 in the morning,we were out of our “wet” sleeping bag

Chelavara Waterfall
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Specially for Bangloreans.....

BISILE GHAT : A Ride through the Paradise
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                                    I get disappointed and disillusioned when I see people running behind "Only" well known tourist places and exclaim as if they achieved a great honor…. Fellas!!