Hampta Pass Trek

Pictures of the Hampta Pass trek

NO TITLE since I couldn’t think of a hooking one !


Let me first tell you for who all is this article NOT for.

1.    People looking for a place to visit with their family.

2.    People looking for a place to visit with girls in their group. (It’s BIG NO NO!!!)

3.    People looking for a place to visit and are a chicken! (If you know what I mean)


You’ll come to know the reason yourself soon enough.

GREEN ROUTE: A place where beauty is at its peak
Travelogue Submitted By: puneeth on 2013-12-03


              Let me share with u guys those memories from my vault… dated back to engineering days.

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Mandalpatti : A hidden treasure of the Ghats
Travelogue Submitted By: puneeth on 2013-02-02

             I strongly feel …...Coorg is the only place in Karnataka where I can dwell rest of my life enjoying the enchanting beauty of the place.

Renting Mountaineering Equipments from Uttarkashi

Dear Trekkers....
                              If you are venturing your next adventure in Garwar range of Himalayas and seeking some place for renting trekking accessories... Here goes a very good deal for you guys....

Lake Cholamu : A Fiasco's Tale
Travelogue Submitted By: vishnu.kumar7 on 2011-03-05

Kangchenjunga from Darjeeling Himalayas
                                   Kangchenjunga from Darjeeling