Yercaud Tamilnandu

The pleasant hill station of Yercaud lies about 32 km from Salem district of Tamilnandu at an altitude of 4900 feet. With its salubrious climate, Yercaud is one of few places in Tamilnandu which can be visited through-out the year as temperature always varies from 13 degree to 29 degree in all the seasons. Yercaud neither experiences the biting winter nor the scorching summer. The highest point in Yercaud is Servarayan temple. Hence the Yercaud hill area is also called Shevaroy Hills of Eastern Ghats.

Help : Piligramage from Bangalore to Kanyakumari



I am planning to do a piligrimage trip from Bangalore to Kaniyakumari.

Do you have an itinerary pl. for the temples on the way in Tamil nadu




Hogennakal falls is a series of waterfalls on the Cauvery River and the place where Cauvery enters into Tamilnandu. Hogenakkal derived from hoge:smokes, Kal:rocks, that means smoking rock.Hogenakkal Waterfalls had been in news due to controversy on a dam at river Cauvery. Locals of Tamilnandu also call it as Marikottayam.