Overnight driving in the bitterly cold night of December and we reached the Shekhawati, the land of painted havelis. And a winter morning welcomed us with sunrays innocuously shining on the dew drops.

Shekhawati: Rajasthan

Once the trading route to Arabian Sea from northern plains of India, Land of Shekhawati is home to the largest concentration of frescos in the worlds. Situated in the north-east of Rajasthan, Region witnessed a golden era of huge earnings through outposts for caravans which resulted to mass construction of ornately decorated residences (Havelis), embodiment Shekhawati’s art. In Shekhawati, Havelis were built by merchant community (Marwaris) to symbolize their opulence and to provide shelter to their extended family when they were away doing business.

“Then the night she fell
And the air was beautiful
The night she fell all around”
Corridor and the steps of baori

It was 3 AM in the morning; I pulled over chevy few kilometers before Alwar near a village surrounded with arid landscape of Aravali hill. In the stark darkness and soundless countryside, all I could perceive silhouette of hills in the backdrop of infinite space.

Abhaneri- Rajasthan

Situated on Dausa-Agra Highway (some 95 km from Jaipur), Abhaneri is a small village famous for Chand Baori which is considered as one of the deepest (largest) step wells of the country. This 19.5 meters deep step well is one of the finest structure of its kind. Harshat mata temple which is located opposite to the step well is another fascinating archaeological site of the village. Abhaneri is worth to include if you are around Alwar.


Settled amidst scenic range of Aravali hills, Alwar is a small town in Rajasthan and quite off the tourist trail.Alwar is adorned with numerous monuments of historical importance which bear testimony to its rich historical and cultural heritage. Over the time, these monuments turned into ruins and now only attracts occasional visitors from nearby towns. Sariska Tiger reserve is another attraction nearby which makes Alwar a perfect weekend escape from Delhi. However visiting all the monuments of the region may take more than a weekend.
Bikaner: Deserts have no life... Why ?
Travelogue Submitted By: vishnu.kumar7 on 2012-05-06

Someone rightly said that deserts have no life and hence the only landscape where you tend to look inwards… but then what entices the wanderers towards hostility of the deserts… I feel that the mystery of lifelessness allures the misfits… I hate analyzing human emotions and life… so chuck it… there I was in the midst of arid and desolated land of Thar… Somewhere near the city of


Another City of Rajasthan which falls in the middle of Thar desert. Unlike Jaisalmer, Bikaner does not lure tourists for desert Safaris and Sand dunes though it is the starting point for many safari trails. Bikaner is also hosting site of international camel fair and home of the most beautiful and colorful fort of Rajasthan. Above all, the spicy food and luscious cold beverages of Bikaner certainly make it the food capital of Rajasthan.