Pushkar Lake

While searching information about pushkar city, i noticed one thing being repeatedly touted about Pushkar is that it is the only city having a temple of Lord Brahma in India.Atleast this is what most of the websites luring tourist claim.though lord Brahma worship is not as common as Shiva or Vishnu in India,yet Pushkar is not the only place in India having a lord Brahma temple.

Pushkar Lake draws tourists at fair

Pushkar (Ajmer): The swollen Pushkar Lake and the recent visit of the Obamas seems to have worked for the Pushkar Fair that is witnessing a surge in the tourist numbers this season.

Hotel owners believe the brimming lake is one of main reasons for drawing tourists to the holy city. "Last year, there was a slump in the tourist arrivals, but this time the room rates have almost doubled with enquiries still pouring in," said Deepak Sharma, a hotel owner.

Distinctive Pushkar
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