Parvati Valley

Mysterious Village of Malana
                                        Mysterious Village of Malana

Malana- Himachal Pradesh

One of the world's oldest democracy, little Greece of Himalayas, Malana is a reclusive village tucked in the remote corner of Parvati valley at an elevation of 2650 meter. Malana came into attention of the travelers due to its inimitable customs, life style, social structure and nearly extinct dialect (Kanashi).village is tangled with myriad of legends. Inhabitants are fiercely protected about their customs which surged the curiosity among outsiders. Besides all its mysterious facades, Malana is also notorious for growing the best cannabis in the world and consequently encouraging drug trade.

Hippie Days: Tosh Village, Parvati Valley
Travelogue Submitted By: vishnu.kumar7 on 2012-09-12

Kheer Ganga was peaceful and picturesque delight but now I was seeking something more lively. After reaching Barshani, I had options of either heading towards Kasol or to Tosh.

Tosh: Himachal Pradesh

Situated at an end of Parvati Valley, Tosh is the last village before Sara-Ungla pass which exits in Pin Valley. As Kasol lost its charm with truck loads of Indian tourists, Contemporary hippies explored other alternatives in the search of sheer isolation and Marijuana.... Present day Tosh depicts a portrait of time when cross-cultural movement formed a hippie trail which is still followed by many... Besides stoned souls, Tosh in itself is picturesque hamlet offering you a primitive understanding of a Himachal Village...

Kheer Ganga: Himachal Pradesh

Kheer Ganga, a picturesque hamlet and holy site lies at an end of parvati valley... Existence of Kheer Ganga is only limited to the Summers (May to October) when it becomes a popular stop for hippie trail... Kheer Ganga is also an important stop on much popular and challenging Pin-Parvati Pass trek...Surrounded by thick meadows of alpine trees and snow clad mountains, Kheer Ganga is worth trekking 13 km....