Gangtok Sikkim : Travel Discussion

Dear Readers,
                     In order to address various queries those we are getting on our Sikkim blogs, I am creating this thread.

Tour Programme - Sikkim


We saw this thread and liked it. We also hope to get help for a tour programme we are planning in the month of May.

Group size : 4 adults and 3 children aged 12, 8 and 6 years. We are vegetarians.

The tentative Tour programme is as under. Any suggestions, improvements and changes which will help us to have a better tour is appreciated.

Travel Companion on Sikkim Trip

Hello All,
There had been an overwhelming response on traveling to Sikkim recently. Traveling to Northern Sikkim is expensive if you are going alone or with a small group. The main purpose of this thread is helping you cost cutting your entire travel budget.

You can post your date of travel with contact details and May be you can find travel companions for sharing your expenses.

Team Thinking Particle