Madhya Pradesh

Help Regarding Travel to Madhya Pradesh

Creating this thread as a place holder for discussing the itineraries about Madhya Pradesh....... After Spending months in the heart land of India, All i can say "MP Gajab hai Sabse Alag hai".....

This observatory was constructed by Savai Raja JaySingh between 1725 and 1730 AD.

Ujjain: Madhya Pradesh

Ujjain is one of the seven sacred cities of Hindus and draws its root back from the mahabaratha times. Ujjain is situated on the bank of river shipra where millions of pilgrims take a holy dip during Kumbh Mela which takes place here once in every 12 year. During festival time Ujjain transforms into a town with strong devotional vibes however spiritual vibrations are always evident on the Ghats of Shipra River.

Omkareshwar: Madhya Pradesh

Home of one the highly revered 12 Jyotirilinga, Omkareshwar is an Om shaped island formed by holy River Namrada. With its highly revered Shiva Temple, Omkareshwar has been the prime destination on the pilgrims trail and recently started luring travelers from all over the world due to its spiritual significance and exotic offerings.Often referred as Mini Varanasi of Central India, the holy island of Omkareshwar is serene (except during festival time) and offers a well worn trail to the holy confluence of Narmada and Kaveri River.

Maheshwar: Madhya Pradesh

Inextricably linked to the shore of Holy Narmada, the town of Maheshwar lies on the popular pilgrim’s trail of Central India. Since Maheshwar is mentioned in both the Ramayana and the Mahabharata, it has a long held spiritual significance. True to its name, "Maheshwar" is home to thousands of Shiva Temples on the bank of River Narmada. Built on the bank of Narmada, Ahilya bai fort is a splendid building of medieval times and fort complex encloses many temples. Ramparts and balconies of the fort offer spectacular view of Narmada River.

Mandu: Madhya Pradesh

Very few sites in India are archeologically as rich as Mandu. Referred as ancient capital of Malwa region, Mandu was favorite for all the rulers of central India due to its strategic location.The deserted hill top and tableland of Mandu are home of one of the most interesting monuments of central India. Once referred as a city of joy, Mandu witnessed a varied history of romance and mystery. Later it became a pleasure resort for Mughals before transforming into a ghost town. The splendid architectures of Mandu testify for its glorious past.