Soon, you can travel to Konkan in cruise liner

Tourism is the economic engine of any state and it is yet to be completely explored in Maharashtra, especially in the scenic Konkan region. If priced affordably and packaged well then this might just be the beginning of a new era for tourism in the state.


Konkan Coast – the thin Coastline between the Western Ghats and Arabian Sea – will please those travellers really longing to stray from the routine track. It’s a detached, less explored fringe of stupendous beaches, chlorophyll-green paddy fields, heaped-up hills and crumpling clifftop forts.however its a region where accommodation is scant, tedious food , transport pathetically slow and the locals completely unaccustomed to travellers but the prize for your efforts are beaches of which the Maldives would be envious.
A Firsherman Village
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Tarkarli Beach Malvan Konkan Sindhudurg

A Night in Konkan
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Trek to Bhimashankar Temple Konkan Maharasthra