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To 10 Day Driving Destinations from Tirthan
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TOP 10 Drives from Tirthan



In this article one will cover the top 10 drives from Tirthan Valley. All these destinations are rewarding for the traveler in you and can be done in a days tour per destination basing yourself in the beautiful Sunshine Himalayan Camp by the banks of River Tirthan.


Panjain Thachi Village

Great Himalayan Trail   Low Route – Full Traverse
The GHT Low Route in Nepal – also called the Cultural Route – goes mostly through the country’s mid hills with an average altitude of 2000m. However, there are still a couple of passes to cross with the highest being the Jang La at 4519 m between Dhorpatan and Dolpa in West-Nepal.

Changpas of Ladakh

Changpa of Ladakh.

To watch them in action is eye feast, to spend time with them feels good and to live with them for few days is the great way to learn philosophy of life. They are not much so called rich or civilised people, but being with them and learn to live life in very simple ways is great learning where no university or collage can teach you. I must say money or a extraordinary book knowledge never teaches how to you should live life happily and peaceful. I am really lucky to be stay with them for last few of years, which really helped me to enrich my experience.

Everest Base Camp Expedition

Hello fellow travelers.... recently i have seen a discussion on the site about planning to everest base camp expedition...I would like to gather all the inputs in this thread... some of questions those i have

Receding Gomukh , do we even know about the coming threat ??

Today I read one article in TOI about the changes that we are imposing on Gangotri and the source of Ganga , Gomukh. As Swami Sukhananda tells Gomukh is receding more than 10 meters per year. This is really alarming rate. In last 50 years Gomukh has receded 4 Kms. This number is just an approximation as this is only the recorded data of 20 25 years. These are clear evidences of global warming. As such this is a global issue and India alone can not be responsible for this. What we can do in such scenario ?

Lake Cholamu : A Fiasco's Tale
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Kangchenjunga from Darjeeling Himalayas
                                   Kangchenjunga from Darjeeling