Himachal Pradesh

Langza- Spiti Valley

Langza village situated at an altitude of 4400 meters, is divided into 2 sections. namely Langza Yongma (lower), Langza Gongma (Upper). This Homogenous buddhist village belonging to the Sakyapa sect of Tibetan Buddhism. Langza is some 20 km from Kaza by road (Walking 10 kms). Langza falls on the trekking route which starts from Dhankar and ends at Langza via Lalung – Demul – Komic – Hikam.

Kaza-Spiti Valley

Kaza is the headquarter and largest town of Spiti Valley. Most of the travelers stop at Kaza to get inner-line permit and fill up the fuel tank of their vehicles. At an elevation of 3650 meters, Kaza evolved in the midst of cold desert at the edge of Spiti River. During August, Ladarcha Trade fair attracts a decent number of travelers in Kaza.

Dhankar- Spiti Valley

Situated at an elevation of 3890 meters, Dhankar is 7 km detour (from Attargo)and some 30 km east of Kaza, district headquarter of Spiti Valley. Dhankar is popularly known for an ancient monastery (more than a thousands year old) which is built on high cliff overlooking the merging of Spiti and Pin rivers. With its unique settings and backdrop, Dhankar is one of the most spectacular sites of Spiti Valley. Dhankar lake is another hidden attraction which is some 2 km trek uphill from the monastery.

Tabo: Spiti Valley

Situated 47 km in the east of Kaza, Tabo is the second largest town of Spiti valley. Tabo is popularly known for its ancient monastery (more than a thousand year old) and caves on the cliff used for meditation.Wall paintings inside the temples of the Monastery are rare remnants of civilization in Spiti. Nevertheless the views of Tabo in the midst of the cold desert of Himalayas with Spiti river crawling along the town are astonishing.

Nako- Himachal Pradesh

Situated at an elevation of 3800 meter, Nako is a small village in upper kinnaur which connects Kinnaur to Spiti Valley. Nako is often a one night stop for the travelers entering to Spiti or exiting from Spiti.A small lake adjoining the village and an ancient monastery (900 year old) are the prime attraction of the town. Views of Spiti flashing 2 km beneath are breath-taking. Nako lies on the main road connecting Kaza to Peo.

Kinnaur- Himachal Pradesh

Surrounded by Tibet in the east, Spiti in the north and Uttaranchal in the south, Kinnaur lies in the remote part of Indian Himalayas. With its geographical settings in deep Himalayas, Kinnaur is a delight to nature enthusiasts and trekkers. Unlike Spiti, the larger part of Kinnaur is lush green with forest of Pines, Oaks, Apricots and Apples. Along the bank of Satluj, the old silk route to Tibet passes through Kinnaur Valley. View of Satluj entering in India from Tibet are truly mesmerizing.


Famous for its fruit plantations (specially apple orchards), the picturesque hamlet of Kalpa lies 13 km uphill from Rekong Peo (District Head-quarter of Kinnaur). Situated at an elevation of 2960 meters, Kalpa offers spectacular view of Kinnaur Kailash range and indeed a confluence of Hinduism and Buddhism with a colourful Buddhist temple and intricate hindu temple in the same complex. With its scenic settings, Kalpa is among the most beautiful villages of Kinnaur district of Himachal Pradesh and certainly the most popular one.

Chitkul- Sangla Valley

Chitkul is 26 km away from Sangla and often referred as the last inhibited village of Baspa Valley on old Hindustan-Tibet trade route. Situated at an elevation of 3480 meters, Chitkul is surrounded by Himalayan oak and pine forest. Chitkul offers mesmerizing views of Snow-clad Himalayas with Baspa river flowing beneath the village. Due to heavy snow-fall, Chitkul remains snow-covered during the winters. During Summers, The transformation of Chitkul in a colorful valley with orchids of apple and apricots is truly overwhelming.

Sangla- Baspa Valley

Situated at an elevation of 2680 meter, Sangla lies some 18 km detour from Karchham Dam (NH 22). It is the town in Baspa valley, often referred as Sangla Valley. Surrounded by dense alpine meadows, Sangla offers incredible view of Himalayas in the backdrop of Baspa river flowing beneath the town. Sangla is also the base of many treks those connects Himachal to Uttaranchal including much popular Rupin pass trek.hence It is a very popular town amongs trekkers to Himalayas.

Sarahan: Bhimakali Temple

Often said as the gateway to Kinnaur, Sarahan is 17 km detour from Jeori which lies on NH22. Sarahan is known for famous Bhimakali Temple which lures a large number of devotees during Dussehra. This region is also rich with apple plantation.The average elevation of the town is 2200 meter and it is some 176 km from Shimla. Sarahan was also the former summer capital of Bushahr kingdom.