Himachal Pradesh

Kalpa in winters: Himachal Pradesh

Famous for its fruit plantations (specially apple orchards),Situated at an elevation of 2960 meters, the picturesque hamlet of Kalpa lies 13 km uphill from Rekong Peo (District Head-quarter of Kinnaur).Kalpa offers spectacular view of Kinnaur Kailash range and indeed a confluence of Hinduism and Buddhism with a colorful Buddhist temple and intricate Hindu temple in the same complex. These photographs will offer a glimpse of winter life of the desolated village of Kalpa during inclement season.

Kibber in Winters: Himachal Pradesh

Situated at an elevation of 4270 meters, Kibber is small village in the Spiti valley of Himachal Pradesh and comprises nearly 80 households. Kibber falls in Kibber wild life sanctuary which is known for elusive snow leopard and flora of medicinal importance. These photographs of Kibber were taken during the harsh winters of January.

Mysterious Village of Malana
                                        Mysterious Village of Malana

October sky was twinkling with full moon, taking the lead role and throwing mild light on otherwise darker road to Manali. As sun went down, we made to Mandi and still were way behind to our schedule. It was a crazy day of meticulously driving till Ambala on National Highway one where we had been penalized in the past for over speeding.

Re-Birth Himachal

I am a freak stalker, I stalk various Blogs/Articles/Travelogues on Himachal/Uttaranchal.
Looking at the people who strolled various destinations/treks, My inner voice strolled me too to visit the places.

Other Side of Tirthan River
                                             Other Side of Tirthan River

Anybody has any Idea or ever been to CHITKUL [ Last Inhabited Village Near The Indo-Tibet Border ]

Recently surfing the internet as I am not a particular traveler but like to have the details about the places in and around Himachal/Uttarakhand. "I FOUND CHITKUL" and entered that in my priority list and next year will surely be travelling to this place..

Malana- Himachal Pradesh

One of the world's oldest democracy, little Greece of Himalayas, Malana is a reclusive village tucked in the remote corner of Parvati valley at an elevation of 2650 meter. Malana came into attention of the travelers due to its inimitable customs, life style, social structure and nearly extinct dialect (Kanashi).village is tangled with myriad of legends. Inhabitants are fiercely protected about their customs which surged the curiosity among outsiders. Besides all its mysterious facades, Malana is also notorious for growing the best cannabis in the world and consequently encouraging drug trade.

Tirthan Valley: Himachal Pradesh

One of the key tributary of Beas River, Tirthan river rises from the interior of Great Himalayan National Park in the south-east of Kullu. River flows through a V-shaped valley which is named after the river itself. In the lower down, Tirthan valley opens up and fairly wide as it approaches Beas. On tourist map, Tirthan valley stretches from Banjar to Gushaini dotted with number of villages on the river bank. The entire valley is verdant green with alpine lines and semi-deciduous forest.

A near full moon
- a near full moon