Gangtok Trip from15th Dec to 20th December

hi i have visited your site accidentally and i liked your is providing lot of information when compare to other websites. One of my friends went to Gangtok for his Honeymoon and he enjoyed it.He recomended the same to me. me and my would be interested in places like Gangtok and we have decided to visit the Gangtok for Honeymoon.

Gangtok from 7th Nov to 12th Nov

Hi Friends,

we 6 friends are planning to have a trip to gangtok from 6th Nov to 11th Nov .

we will reach NJP railway station by 7th around 7 O'clock morning

Travel to West Sikkim | Uttarey, Rinchenpong, Kaluk, Bermiok, Hee, Pelling, Dentam,Yuksom

Creating this place holder for discussing queries specific to West Sikkim..... Please post your reviews/photographs If you have already been to these lesser known attractions.... I tried to list all the places which came in my let me know if I am missing anything....

Help planning a trip to Sikkim


We 2 are coming to Sikkim this month. A Gangtok-Pelling-Darjeeling itinary is somewat formed by us. Hope you help us to clear the following doubts

North Sikkim cycle expedition
Travelogue Submitted By: maheshpatila on 2013-01-12
“WHEN ONE LOVES ONE’S ART, no services seems too hard
Our cycling expedition to North Sikkim endorses this quote all the way.

Valuable inputs from Travelers to Gangtok-Sikkim

Dear Travelers,
                            I am creating this thread to consolidate all the useful inputs we received from fellow travelers.

Lake Cholamu : A Fiasco's Tale
Travelogue Submitted By: vishnu.kumar7 on 2011-03-05

Kangchenjunga from Darjeeling Himalayas
                                   Kangchenjunga from Darjeeling