dudhwa national park

Dudhwa National Park

Endless tracts of moist grasslands occassionaly punctuated with finest example of Sal forests and wetlands, Dudhwa national park is one of the best representations of Terai eco-system of Uttar Pradesh. Inhabiting diverse flora and fauna, National park is home of sizable population of Tigers which led to enlisting it as Tiger reserve. With over 450 species of resident and migratory birds adding to the avian life of the park, Dudhwa is a delight for bird watchers during winters. Wetlands of Dudhwa are bestowed with a number of perennial water sources and include river, lakes, swamps etc.

Mayawati wants to paint Dudhwa in party blue color!!!

The bard had famously asked 'what's in a name?' and it seems Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mayawati has found the most incongruous answer to this question.