Preferred Destinations for South India Tour from Bangalore (Part 01)

Well !!! this was unexpected!!

Lots of trial and errors to a fly a kite above the clouds of mandalpatti left us with a notion of  discontent. On Seeing our unhappy faces , our 4*4 driver, who had driven us to the peak suggested  a must visit  place down the hill and a few kilometers away from Mandalpatti .

Yes !! it was definitely a place for refreshment!!

Mandalpatti : A hidden treasure of the Ghats
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             I strongly feel …...Coorg is the only place in Karnataka where I can dwell rest of my life enjoying the enchanting beauty of the place.

Chelavara Waterfall
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Specially for Bangloreans.....

Coorg : Karnataka

The mountainous Kodagu (or Coorg) region is home to the Kodava people and refugee Tibetans. The geography and cool climate make it a fantastic area for trekking, bird-watching and generally refreshing the soul. Winding roads ramble over forested hills and past spice and coffee plantations, which burst into fragrant white blossoms in March and April. The best season for trekking is October to March. You should hire a guide who will arrange food, transport and accommodation; see right for recommendations.