Tirathgarh Waterfalls: Chhattisgarh

Located in the middle of Kanger Valley National Park, Tirathgarh waterfalls is one of the magnificent waterfalls of Chhattisgarh. On the river Mugabahar which is one of the tributaries of River Kanger, White color of water cascades from the lush green hills led to naming it "Milky fall". Opposite to waterfall lies a revered Shiva temple set on a hill top which attracts thousands of pilgrims. Hills surrounding the waterfall are splendid and offer a lot of independent trekking opportunity in the wild.

Chitrakoot Falls: Chhattisgarh

Very often touted as "The Niagara falls of India", Chitrakoot waterfalls are the most popular tourist attractions of Chhattisgarh and indeed a paragon of waterfalls in India. Situated around 38 km in the west of Jagdalpur, Chitrakoot are the broadest waterfall in India and turn vivacious (upto 150 meters in width) during monsoon when Indravati River flows in full swing flooding till both of its bank. Flowing through lush green range of Vindhya hills, Indravati River plunges into deep chasm of about 95 feet high and forms one of the spectacular natural wonders of country.

Bastar Dussehra-Chhattisgarh

Unlike rest of India where Dussehra is celebrated as an auspicious event of Lord Rama's victory over Ravana, Dussehra in Bastar district is a congregation of Devi moali (Deities) from all the nearby villages to Danteshwari Temple, Jagdalpur.Tribes from remote forests of Bastar come and participate in a lively and colorful fete. Exotic festival is nearly 500 years old and spans over 75 days. Garlanded chariot circuit is the most appealing ceremony of the festival.


Home of one the oldest brick temples of India, east facing 7th century Laxman temple, Sirpur is a sleepy village on the right bank of Mahanadi and some 84 km away from Raipur. After facing a long haul of negligence from ASI, Sirpur has astounded archeologists by the rare findings retrieved during excavation in last decade. Among archeologist fraternity, Sirpur is very often referred as "Goldmine of Indian history" and considered much more developed than Harappan Township.


Infamous as a hideouts of Naxalite Guerrillas, Bastar district of Chhattisgarh also known as land of tribes those comprise 70% of district population. Colorful festivals, intricate crafts and distinctive tribal culture lure intrepid travelers to the pristine forested region of Bastar. Major part of Bastar district is covered with dense forest which is home of rich biodiversity, medicinal plants, elusive fauna and spectacular waterfalls. Very off the beaten tracks, Bastar is an unexplored wonderland of Chhattisgarh but not for faint-hearted.

Raipur- Chhattisgarh

Raipur is the capital city of Chhattisgarh, state split from Madhya Pradesh in 2000. The city of Raipur does not have any major tourist attraction but with rapid constructions of high-rises in the town, it will soon look like any other state capital. Unlike other state capitals, its hassle-free with scant traffic on wide roads. Raipur is the base location for a day trip to Sirpur, known for archeological ruins.

Cock-Fighting in the Woods
Travelogue Submitted By: arvindpdmn on 2013-10-12

After visiting the temples of Barsoor, I try to get a bus to Chitrakot, a place of a famous waterfall. Someone at Barsoor says that there is no bus for another three hours. I also suspect that this bus may never turn up since it is an infrequent service as few use this route. So I think it’s better to return to Jagdalpur.