Barsoor: Chhattisgarh

Once home of nearly 147 temples and numerous ponds, Barsoor is a sleepy little town on the bank of Indravati River and some 95 km away from Jagdalpur (Via Geedam). Unlike Sirpur, Dating back to 10th and 11th centuries, Ruins of these temples are of no artistic wonders thus do not lure much tourists however the countryside filled with fields of rice and vegetables which makes it all green. Environs are lovely with natural ponds and undulating tract of low rising hills. 50 feet high, Mama-Bhanja-ka-Mandir (Temple of the maternal uncle and nephew) is the prime temple of archeological importance.

Cock-Fighting in the Woods
Travelogue Submitted By: arvindpdmn on 2013-10-12

After visiting the temples of Barsoor, I try to get a bus to Chitrakot, a place of a famous waterfall. Someone at Barsoor says that there is no bus for another three hours. I also suspect that this bus may never turn up since it is an infrequent service as few use this route. So I think it’s better to return to Jagdalpur.