Agra fort is the most important fort of India, The great mughals: Babur, Humayun, Akbar, Jahangir, Shah Jehan and Au

Akbar's Tomb, Sikandara (1605-12 AD)
Akbar's Tomb in Sikandara

Taj Mahal Agra
Important Information about night viewing of Taj Mahal

It was a juggling effort to rediscover the monuments those were lost under the bushes, wilted scrubs or the sprawls of huts...We traveled exhaustively across all the narrow lanes of the city and its surroundings...and here we are documenting the remnants of those splendid architectures on the verge of extinction.... and an attempt to ignite the bleak hope of restoring our past...

In continuation to the series started by Vishnu Kumar.... I am appending some more monuments of Agra city those are forgotten...
Taj Mahal from Mehtab Bagh Agra

The Tomb of Sadiq Khan is an earlier example at Agra where three tombstones have been provided one over the other.