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About Chandikeshvar temple hampi

Datable to 16th century AD. Facing east, this temple was on plan has a sanctum, vestibule, a Mahamantapa with entrances on north, south and east and a Mukhamantapa. The Pillars of the Mukhamantapa have rearing lions trampling elephants and vyala sculptures. Most of the relief’s on the pillars in this temple have Vaishnava representations like Hanuman, Garuda, Balakrishna, Kamadhenu, Srinivasa, Vamana, Yashoda churning the milk etc. The Garbhariha has a pitha carved with the figure of Garuda. The brick-mortar super structure over the Garbhariha is treated with stucco representations of Vaishnava sculptures. To the northwest is the Amman Shrine. A pillared cloister runs round the two shrines. The bas reliefs of Vaishnava affinity found on the pillars indicate that the temple was originally dedicated to Vishnu.

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