Tirap-Longding Circuit of Arunachal Pradesh

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                                       Eastern Gateway to India

This circuit takes you through two small districts in the south of Arunachal Pradesh- Tirap and Longding- just below the wedge of Assam that extends into Arunachal. This circuit covers part of the eastern extremity of India and expectedly, in ancient times this was the easy entrance to what was then India. The real beauty of this region lies in its serene tea gardens on the gentle hill slopes, the riverine, the colorful sprawl of tribal villages and their intricate wood carvings,

How to reach: Dibrugarh is the nearest Airport. From Moganbari, 5 hour drive to Khonsa, the district headquarter of Longding. Bus/Taxi are available.
Formalities: International Tourists need to obtain a Restricted Area Permit, issued by Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India.

Tirap: Bordering Myanmar in south and south-west, Tirap is one of the oldest district of Arunachal Pradesh. Deomali is the entry point of this district and Khonsa the district head quarter which is at an altitude of about 4200 feet. The district gets its name from the River Tirap which originates in the district and flows through the Changlang district. The entire area of the district is covered with high hills and deep gorges. Tirap is nature lover's paradise. If you have the energy for long treks, this place offers a lot. The climate here varies with gradient. Humidity in Summers is high. The general elevation various from about 200 feet above the sea level in the north-west to about 5000 feet on the mountains.

Longding: Bordering Mayanmar in the East, this is the most recently created district of Arunachal Pradesh. The Natural beauty of this area is multiplied many folds by its vibrant people and their culture. Longding is historically been inhabited by the wancho people, who practice Gun making, wood carving and bead making. Oriah is the main festival of the Wancho tribe of Tirap district, celebrated during March-April every year just after snowing paddy in the jhoom plots.

Tissa River Valley:  This valley forms a part of Patkai ranges. This area is covered with ever-green forests. The area has motor able road upto Pongchao in Longding district.

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