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Though it can be said about any other NP/Sanctuary, it is all the more valid about Gir. The animals seems so well acquainted with human presence that it adds to their general hard-to-believe status. The general public visiting here is constrained to maintain "safe" viewing distance though violations are not unreported. However the VIP visits are invariably always a case of such violation. Is it not a good idea to assess the number of VIP visits to Gir, or any other NP/sanctuary for that matter?


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Gir National Park & Wildlife Sanctuary-Sasangir is a 1412 sq km hilly tract of dry deciduous forests, acacia scrub, evergreen and semi-evergreen flora and grasslands, fed by rivers and streams. Among the many water-bodies in the reserve is the Kamleshwar Dam, known for its large crocodile population. Originally protected by the Nawab of Junagadh, after British Viceroys brought to his attention the plight of the Lion in Asia.

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Thanks for your comment. it is very useful information.

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