Kaziranga reopens on November 1

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Kaziranga National Park will have a lot more to offer tourists once it reopens on November 1.

Besides the morning elephant safari, wildlife lovers can also take another trip in the afternoon between 3pm and 4pm and on a different trail. The park will allow tourists to visit all four ranges of the 430 square km sanctuary at this hour.

Apart from the Kohora and Bagori ranges, two other ranges — Agaratoli and Burapahar — will be thrown open to visitors. Another new experience will be a boat safari on the Brahmaputra that flows along the park.

Kaziranga director Surajit Dutta told The Telegraph that to tide over the rush of visitors expected during the tourist season, which normally extends up to early May, the park authorities have decided to introduce an afternoon ride, in addition to the morning rides on the jumbo.

Dutta said the duration of the afternoon rides would remain one hour, like that in the morning, where two trips for the tourists are arranged from 5.30am.

The top park official said from 3pm to 4pm there is sufficient light and visiting the park would be a “new experience” for nature lovers as many wild animals come to the outer areas from the deep forest as dusk approaches. At present, only vehicle safaris are allowed in the afternoon.

He said visitors would have the chance to see the wildlife in Burapahar and Agratali too. This decision had been taken to reduce the “pressure” of tourists on Kohora and Bagori ranges.

He said tourists, too, would benefit from seeing new sights in the other two ranges. Besides, the heavy rush witnessed in the core areas of the park would come down. That, in turn, would help maintain the pristineness of the areas.

Dutta said since the population of many species had risen, the chances of seeing them in areas other than the core ones were high.

Kaziranga National Park uses about 15 elephants belonging to the park for tourists while elephants of private owners are roped in to meet the demand. But they, too, remain under the supervision of park personnel.

Indian rhino in Kaziranga national park

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Reopening of Kaziranga national park is great news for traveler.Indian Rhino is the favorite attraction for tourism here.Trip to such birding paradise will give amazing experience for traveler like us.

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