Kaziranga to extend its boundaries

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The Assam government is set to complete the legal process for extension of the Kaziranga National Park from the present 430 square kilometres to double the area. 

The state's forest and tourism minister, Rockybul Hussain, said the government was expeditiously trying to settle the land acquisition process for the extension so that animals, including the prized one-horned rhinos, were better protected. 

Although the park has already a more-than-800-square- kilometre-area, it was not legally sanctioned thus preventing the authorities from removing human settlements in the proposed extended area. 

Asserting that there was no encroachment in the existing forest area, Hussain recently said, ''Very soon we will have the legal formalities completed for the area expansion.'' 

Hussain, who also holds the charge of the state's information and public relation department, said an initiative had been taken to project the state's development in proper perspective through booklets, banners, hoardings and documentaries. 

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while Kaziranga enjoys the special status...our other wildlife sanctuaries are shrinking because of encrochment..deforestation...i am wondering if there is any serious step from governement to curb this issue

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UNESCO World Heritage site in India is a unique experience in its own right. For me, when I went, I did not remember any of the national parks that I have seen across the world. So, I felt that there cannot be any other park like this one! Located on the edge of the Eastern Himalayas in the northeastern state of Assam in India.

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good park

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