Itanagar-Ziro-Daporijo-Aalo-Pasighat circuit of Arunachal Pradesh

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This circuit lets you experience a bit of all the wonders of the Arunachal Pradesh from its cozy city life to its luxurious nature, from its store of scintillating adventure to its store of wild life. Cruise Along...

Best time to visit: September to May
How to reach: Tezpur, Guwahati and Lilabari are the nearby Airports. Harmuty in North Lakhimpur and Tezpur in Assam are nearby railheads. Buses and Taxis are available from Tezpur, North Lakhimpur and Itanagar.
Prime attractions: Adventure seekers relish the drive from Daporjio in upper Subansiri to Nacho along the Subansiri. This place is with its natural settings is great for white water sports and other adventure activities.

Itanagar: Capital of Arunachal Pradesh, Itanagar is situated at the foothills of Himalayas and it gets its name from "Forts of bricks" (Bricks are called "Ita" in the Ahom language) which is situated in the heart of city. The township is situated at 350 m above mean sea level. Apart from it being the administrative headquarter of the state, it also presents a rich mixture of archeological wonders and institutions of great socio-cultural significance. Getting to Itanagar is easy. It is well connected with road and air. There are regular luxury bus services (Overnight. approximately 11 hours) between Guwahati and Itanagar. The nearest railhead is Harmuti in Assam.    

                                                       Itanagar Sightseeing

Itafort: Itafort or Ita Fort, is one of the most important historical and archeological sites of Arunchal Pradesh. The remains are enough to visualize the grand plan of the Jitari Dynasty, dating way back to the 14-15th century. The state capital derives its name from its unique fort. The fort has an irregular shape built mainly with bricks. The brickwork has been measured to be 16,200 cubic meter and scholars say the fort is associated with Mayapur of Ramchandra, a king of the Jitari dynasty. There are three different entrances to the fort- from the western, the eastern and the southern sides. That would be one of your primary visits during your stay at Itanagar before embarking journey elsewhere.

Jawaharlal Nehru Museum (Monday-Friday 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM): Museum showcases the tribal culture of the state with galleries of woodcarvings, musical instruments, handicraft and archeological finds.

Gekar Sinyi (Ganga Lake): Surrounded by hard rock banks, primeval vegetation, orchids, tall trees and tree ferns, its a beautiful natural lake 6 km from the heart of the city. Popular picnic spot with boating facility in the lake.

Craft center and Emporium: Here you can buy local artifacts like wall paintings, traditional costumes made of natural vegetable and herbal dyed yarns, and attractive utility items made from cane and bamboo.

Zoological park, Polo Park and Gompa Buddha Vihar



Ziro (167 km from Itanagar): As you climb steeply into the wavy hills and reach Arunachal's most beautiful hill station, Zero is situated on a plateau and is the headquarters of Lower Subansiri district.  Zero is blessed with astounding landscape with hills and forest all around. The rivulets help the famous paddy-cum-pisciculture cultivation, itself a tourist attraction. Terrace paddy fields present a unique system of poly-culture and water management of the Apa tanis. Summers are the best time when you are walk amid the pine in gentle hills and paddy fields.

Zero Putu: Hillock at old zero which offers bird's eye view of zero valley.

Shiva Lingam at Kardo Hills (4 km from Ziro): The serene hills of Kardo is home to one of the largest shivalinga measuring 25 feet in height and 22 feet in circumference unearthed in the recent past.

Talley Valley (32 km from Hapoli Town, Ziro):  This valley showcases diverse flora, ranging from sub-tropical to alpine. It's dense vegetation has giant silver fir trees, a variety of rhododendron, orchids, ferns and bamboo. This is about 32 km north east of Ziro and makes a perfect trekking route. This is also a rich habitat of many unique and endangered plants and wildlife. Talley Valley reserved forest and Talle Wildlife Sanctuary is situated at an elevated level with rivers like Pange, Sipu, Karing and Subansiri flowing through the reserved forest and sanctuary. The highly endangered clouded leopard can be found here. Pleioblastus Simone is a bamboo variety only found in Talley Valley.

While in Talley valley, dont forget to taste Tapyo salt, a unique herbal salt traditionally prepared by Apatani people, containing Iodine that protects them. If you want to visit the agricultural seasons the best time to visit Ziro is February to October as vouched by UN officials.

Daporijo (327 km from Itanagar and 160 km from Ziro): You climb down somewhat from ziro, to enter the headquarters of Upper Subansiri district situated by the Subansiri River. It is a small beautiful town. Tribal craftmanship is visible immediately in the suspension bridges over Subansiri made from Bamboo and cane. This wild is in Sigem-Daporijo Reserve Forest and the Kamala Reserve Forest. If you are rafting fanatic, you will find enough opportunity to go down the Subansiri River. Even around this small town, there is enough to attract your attention.

Menga Cave Temple (20 km from Daporijo):This cave temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. This is a natural cave and legends has it that the temple was carved out some 5000 years back and rediscovered in 1962. Your religious inclinations apart, it is one of the most beautiful places you would see. You climb the steps about 300 feet to the temple and the view will take your breath away. The rolling hills and forests the shiny-ribbon river and clouds make for a heavenly sight.  The temple draws a large number of visitors and pilgrims especially during Makar Sankranti and Shivratri. You can get Rickshaws and taxis to this place from Daporijo.

AAlo (Earlier Along, 297 km from Itanagar): Surrounded by mountains, situated in the picturesque valley at the confluence of the Sipu and Siyom Rivers, Aalo is headquarter of West Siang district.  Tourist attractions include the Ramakrishna Mission Campus, Patum bridge, Bagra village, Darka village, Donyi Polo dere temple, The Kamki (25 km from aalo) hydropower dam, or the Mithun and Jersey Cross breeding farm, and orange orchards, you can also go rafting down the Siyom River. The hanging bridge on the Siang River is another thing to see. The bridge is local made, of cane and bamboo. The bridge is around 60-70 m long.

Likabali (160 km from Itanagar): This sub divisional headquarter of West Siang District is one of the most widely known and important archeological site in the state. It is also the entry point of Arunachal from Dhemaji district of Assam

Malinithan: Malinithan is place of relics on stones with ruins of temples and valuable sculptures associated with the mythological legend of Lord Krishna. The site has a temple ruin dating back to 10th and 14th century AD of rich sculpture and architectural value. Beautifully designed and decorated basement of temple, divine images, icons and deities- animal motifs and floral designs, carved columns and panels have been unearthed. It is believed that on the way to Dwarka from Bhismaknagar, Krishna and Rukmini rested here and they were offered choicest flower by Goddess Parvati. Malinithan was a cultural center of North-east India in the remote past.

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Thank you for lovely post. I am travelingt o NE later this month and wanted to ask you below:

What is the best way to reach dibrugarh from along ? Basically after doing Ziro-Daporijo-Along-Mechuka-Along, we are moving to Mon in Nagaland and for that reason we thought of making a stop over at Dibrugarh for a night or two. Therefore we need to know the best way to reach Dibrugarh from Along. Also, if you have any other suggestion to cover this route Along- Mon, please do suggest.



Richa gupta

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I have not traveled much in Arunachal Pradesh.... but i think there is a road via Pasighat...

Virag Swami (not verified)
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We are planning to go on a rafting expedition on Brahmaputra from Tuting to Pasighat. We have contacted few travel agencies regarding the sane but their prices seemed a bit too much. So, I was wondering if it is possible to go on a self organised trip ie the one where we may rent out camping and rafting equipments and hire a guide as well.

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Hi Virag,
I am very hopeful that you can arrange the rafting tour on your own once you are there. There is no need to contact the travel agents. but make sure you are visiting the time when rafting is actually happening.

+- Vishnu

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