Hotels in Lavasa

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Any idea if the hotels in Lavasa are up and running?

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Hi Siya... There are couple of high end hotels at Lavasa and they are up and running.... I just googled it and found it...

edvardnora8 (not verified)
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I had visited Lavasa last month and yes there are quite a few hotels that are functional. But they were too expensive for me so I stayed in Pune instead.

elisaliza8 (not verified)
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Yeah they r.. make sure u catch them! Hehehe..

Pooja Shah (not verified)
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Lavasa is amazing! Especially during evenings and early mornings! Good drive from Pune. The Waterfront Shaw,Lavasa we had excellent experience with staff and food. Will be visiting soon.......One can relax, enjoy food, go for water sports, nature trails and take a trip to local Lavasa. Early morning walk to The Waterfrontshaw side and then good spread of breakfast at Diner is lovely!

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