Dak Runner's Trail: Trekking Route Jibhi > Jalori Pass > Margi> Shilla > Kullu Sarahan > Bagi pul

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Known as Dak's Runner Trail, it is a lesser known trek through the verdant dense forest. Trek offers a chance to understand the transition of vegetation with elevation. It passes through jungle of oak forest, chir pines, blue pines, deodars and other common Himalayan flora. Trekkers can stay in the forest house en route. Trail passes through lower elevation making it preferable for those who are beginners to trekking in Himalayas.

Trekking Route: Jibhi >> Ghiyali >> Shoja >> Jalori Pass >> Khanag >>Taral >> Margi>> Shilla >> Kullu Sarahan >> Bagi Pul

Day1: Jibhi to Khanag via Jalori-pass (17 km)

Leave Jibhi early in the morning as it is a longest day of trek. From Jibhi, there is an easy hike to Ghiyali and then the steep climb will take you to Shoja and Dughuthach. Surrounded by lush green oak forest and deodar groves, Shoja lies at an elevation of 2700 meters.

From Shoja one enters to the meadows of Kanhi-jalori. These meadows offer spectacular view of Snow capped mountains of GHNP and Parvati range. Jalori pass is situated at an elevation of 3300 meters. From Jalori, you will descend to the lovely forests teeming with elusive avian life (including Pheasants, Koklas, Monal etc). Incident of encountering Himalayan brown bear is also common in this area. By the evening one will reach Khanag, stretch of meadows amid dense forest. Khanag lies at an elevation of 2800 m.

Day 2: Khanag to Taral (16 km)

From Khanag, there is a steep climb and then almost leveled walk. Trail offers magnificent view of surrounding hills. Forest Rest house is nestled amid the silent woods. Taral is at an elevation of 2900 m.

Day 3: Taral to Margi (12 km)

From Taral, it is a moderate ascend and trail enters to the thick forest where Himalayan Langoors are particularly seen swinging. Later descend through the idyllic surroundings will take you to Margi where you can stay in forest rest house. Margi lies at an elevation of 2500 meters.

Day 4: Margu to Shilla (13 km)

After leaving the lovely campsite of Margi,it is long walk. In the later part of the trek, it can become relatively hot since there is a lack of forest cover in this stretch. Nonetheless distant scenes are greener and would make up for the heat. Here, you can observe relationship between vegetation and elevation. Transition is distinct.

Shilla is at an elevation of 1200 meters.

Day 5: Shilla to Kullu Sarahan (8 km)
In the last stretch of the trek, you ascend walk to Kullu Sarahan,a picturesque place and abode of Budha Sarahni, principal deity of the area. Kullu Sarahan offers wonderful camping site zingzaged with gushing water streams. Kullu Sarahan lies at an elevation of 2260 m.

Day 6. From Kullu Sarahan, one can either walk down to Bagipul or take public transportation/taxi to Bagipul and onwards to Rampur,Shimla.

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This sounds awesome! I wish more Indian people travel within India, especially through nature, and learn.

Nature is a great teacher.

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Yes, I second that. Nature is indeed a great teacher.

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