Motorcycle Diaries : Udaipur

Mewar Landscape : Near Udaipur
                                                   Mewar Landscape : Near Udaipur

"Dude,Should we look out for some berths in the general coach" : Shobhit  
"berths in General coach !!!...Are you out of your head.." : I responded
"then traveling with invalid tickets will be risky" : Shobhit nodded
"In both cases we will have to awake entire what the hack..its damn least we will get some space in the aisle in sleeper coach" : I reacted

This is what happens when you execute a precipitous trip...that too in Rajashthan and that too in the winter...Rajasthan is fully occupied each year throughout this season. getting reserved seats in trains will be a luxury in itself...

On the way to Haldighati Near Udaipur
                                                            On the way to Haldighati Near Udaipur

December 2009...
Destination : Udaipur..Mewar,Rajasthan

Month of December is always fortunate with inclement winters in northern India. but honestly, it's the best season to travel northern India..

Away from freezing winters, two of us decided to celebrate year end to a distinctive geography.. After weighing several options in Rajasthan, we settled to Udaipur...Not a bad choice considering the diverse range of attractions it offers.. we caught a Bus to Jaipur and then an overnight train to Udaipur for the remaining part of our journey... Nothing was distinctive so far except the chilly winters... As soon as the dawn penetrated our eyelids and woke us, we migrated to foot guards for rest of our journey till Udaipur, dangling our feet dangerously....

Mewar Landscape near Kumbhalgarh Fort Udaipur Rajasthan
                                                        Mewar Landscape near Kumbhalgarh Fort

Unlike Western Rajasthan, surroundings are much greener with low rising hills. Water bodies are not just an empty mirage. Villages are relatively more populated. In totality, It's gorgeous country side adorned with serene villages surrounded by sugarcane fields.

Lake Palace from Sajjangarh Fort : Udaipur Rajasthan
                                                           Lake Palace from Sajjangarh Fort : Udaipur

Udaipur,as travelers call it "Venice of the East" manifests its glory. unarguably its an epitome of quaintness and brilliance. Udaipur is partially on a hill that you will hardly notice due to those squeezed cobbled streets. Finding an accommodation in udaipur became glitch as its pretty crowded in the winters and everybody wants to stay on the lake front. After initial struggle we lodged in a very basic room. Hotels were partially occupied with travelers checking in and checking out. After reaching Udaipur,the very first thing we did was hiring a bike and I can say now that it's the best way to explore in and around Udaipur.

Saheliyon ki Badi at Udaipur Rajasthan
                                                                      Saheliyon ki Badi at Udaipur       
For first day,we had planned usual city sightseeing in Udaipur...We started with Saheliyon ki Badi...It is just a garden with fountains and a small pool which attracts good number of locals.....then we headed to Sajjangarh fort that is situated on a hill top not very far from the city center. Comprising typical flora of Arawali hills, Surroundings of Sajjangarh fort are truly scenic, serene and arid in its own way. From Sahhangarh fort, You can get a spectacular panoramic view of Udaipur city. There is one open air restaurant at Sajjangarh fort and it is the perfect place for unwinding away from the touristy cacophony...while returning from Sajjangarh fort,We stopped at Shilpgram Fair and planned to revisit it in the evening after dinner. Cheap restaurants serving delicious Rajasthani Thali are the delight of Udaipur. Rajashtani thali was simply mouth watering...Apart from known sights from travel books, labyrinth of squeezed lanes and lake side has its own unique attraction at Udaipur.

Udaipur City From Sajjangarh Fort Rajasthan
                                                                   Udaipur City From Sajjangarh Fort
Soon after dusk, temperature dropped drastically yet we drove to Shilpgram Fair...Fair was lined up with hundreds of shops and each shop had something distinctive to offer for its visitors.....if you really want to explore all the local (and authentic) cuisine, apparels, handicrafts, sculptures, antique embroidery etc ... Shilpgram is just your cup of tea and the best place to buy a souvenir...After Shilpgram,we headed back to hotel room....  a stimulating day of travel..

Lake Pichola in Night : Udaipur Rajasthan
                                                                   Lake Pichola in Night : Udaipur

Next morning, We woke up very early and started to cover other listed places in Mewar region...First we drove to haldighati and graced ourselves mesmerizing landscape closely associated with one of the most famous war stories of India......I can still recollect those images of green sugar cane crops and soil morphing its colors from red to yellow..Terrain is an impeccable fusion of green and arid with turmeric low rising hills adoring the background....small hamlets dotted in the countryside were quite a sight for discerning visitors....Haldighati has a significant role in mewar history..Battle between mugal emperior akbar and Maharana pratap were fought at this very place...there are many tales of bravery,patriotism associated with this battle field...after Haldighati,We rode to Kumbhalgarh fort...

Maharana Pratap Statue at Haldighati near Udaipur Rajasthan
                                                       Maharana Pratap Statue at Haldighati

It's on a hill top and the road was a bit steep, zigzag and bumpy...We were no more driving through valleys of arawalis....we were now more on the hill sides...Kumbhalgarh is a remarkable fort...Fortification wall stretches on entire hill range...Fort premises has got some splendidly whitewashed Jain temples with intricate carvings on the walls...It's a gigantic structure . ..we climbed till the fort top and rested on fort side overlooking beautiful was a leisure stop just after lunch...a siesta under sun on hill top turned a stress buster...It was almost sunset till the time we prepared to get down from Kumbhalgarh.. still we stuck with the plan and decided to proceed to Ranakpur Jain temple...

Kumbhalgarh Fort and It's Premises : Near Udaipur Rajasthan
                         Kumbhalgarh Fort and It's Premises : Near Udaipur

Ranakpur temples is a sacred jain site in the middle of a forest...Journey to Ranakpur was a bit precarious due to hilly track and night in the dense forest. we reached Ranakpur after sunset and it was pretty chilly by that time... we visited the temple and explored that serene forest nearby. Ranakpur Temple is indeed not a single shrine but a series of miniature temples and looks fascinating from a distance...It's an old temple and highly revered among Jain pilgrims. As night fell, we started the hunt for an accommodation but efforts went in vain. we were unable to find a place to stay...... Lodge from the trust was completely booked...finally we were able to get 2 bed-steads in a hotel's dormitory...Shared the verandah with taxi drivers who arrived Ranakpur with their group.... In a way we enjoyed the unique company of those drivers and got to know a lot about their nomadic life which is not by choice....Next morning, we revisited the ranakpur temple before heading our way back to Udaipur..

Ranakpur Temple Near Udaipur Rajasthan
                                                               Ranakpur Temple Near Udaipur

it was a long distance travel on a bike..after reaching udaipur,we again fed ourselves with delightful food...and visited other important sites in the udaipur city...we visited Jagdish temple that is situated in the heart of the udaipur....roamed around in the grand city palace...and in the end we also visited the Neemach Mata Temple which is tucked on a hill top...Entire Mewar region is full of eye catching surprises..and there is always so much left to explore. though We only captured a glance of the region yet a glance was worth glancing...I no more have any doubt why Udaipur is selected as the best city to travel in the world by some renowned travel magazines. To a large extent, Udaipur deserves that accolade..

Lake Palace Udaipur : A View from City Palace Rajasthan
                                                    Lake Palace Udaipur : A View from City Palace
well,for us it was time to head back to originality. boarded a train back to Delhi and spent a sleepless night in the aisle. a journey got folded but left striking foot prints in my memories which reminds me of that spectacular country side at times...

love this place!! amazing

love this place!! amazing architecture and lakes.. Thnx @padharoudaipur app and team for choosing the best for me to explore .. grt app #happy #missingudaipur ..thanks for sharing this amazing picture which took me back to udaipur in my dreams!

Great blog always fun to read

Great blog always fun to read , I myself had a great experience of udaipur . we downloaded padharo udaipur app n booked some tour in n around uaipur . Had a blast there

I hope you really enjoyed

I hope you really enjoyed your trip, i like to go for this kind of long trip where there are some adventure and have some fun. I like your trip and for next trip i will follow your style.
Keep sharing your stuff.

who is shobhit..their is not

who is shobhit..their is not even single photo of you too

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