Motorcycle Diaries Pondicherry : Part one Auro Beach & Auroville

Auro Beach Near Pondicherry Puduchhery  
                                                             Auro Beach Near Pondicherry

I had a premonition to witness the rising sun from the horizon across the ocean since my childhood… and my first visit to Eastern coast of India made it true…


“Current at Bay of Bengal will look precarious…. may be…may be not….”

“Sand on the beach would be thick…may be thin…. sea breeze would be pleasant or may be windy..may be both at the same time…

so many preconceived thoughts were shaping different pictures in my head throughout the journey…. And the weekly train that runs on each Friday from Banglore to Pondicherry was running through the serene landscape of Tamilnandu… I guess that we were cruising through the endless tract of coconut plantation and paddy fields…As we were traveling just after monsoon so heavy downpour was on the card….
Auroville Beach near Pondicherry
                                                                  Auroville Beach near Pondicherry
After a bit delay in between the route, we made to Pondicherry railway station next morning at around 10 ’o clock. It was raining heavily but still all the hotels in the city were fully occupied. We were unable to find any accommodation in the town so we hired bikes and bought wind cheaters…We drove to Auroville town that lies on the road to Mahabalipuram.
A Fisherman and the Sea Pondicherry
                                                                       A Fisherman and the Sea
We struggled a lot to find an accommodation near Auro beach too and luckily we got one cottage near Auro beach at reasonable rent. After getting an accommodation life was bit settled down. We put the stuff in the cottage and directly headed to the Auro beach. For the first time in my life, I was visiting the eastern coastline of India. The Bay of Bengal was as blue and captivating as it was in my dreams. Auroville village and beach is a desolated sight, may be because of its distance from bustling town of Pondicherry. The beach was tranquil welcoming very less number of tourists in monsoon season. It’s in the proximity of many small villages enjoying the break from fishing business. We could not restrain ourselves from those tempting waves. We all jumped into the sea and started floating across the coastline. Sea bathing turned out refreshment to the body and soul. So far it was drizzling throughout the day yet we decided to head to main city of Pondicherry for lunch and conventional sightseeing.
Catching Fishes in Backwater ways Pondicherry
                                                              Catching Fishes in Backwater ways
We reached to a restaurant and ordered our meals but honestly services in all the restaurants in Pondicherry are painfully slow. We were planning to visit Paradise beach that is highly advertised in the region. It’s a private beach occupied by many companies and it’s kind of an island. It can only be reached by the ferry that starts by the shore of backwater ways. This beach falls on the road to Chidambaram.
Paradise Beach Pondicherry
                                      Paradise Beach Pondicherry
We had a decent share of difficulty in finding routes and reaching to the resort but unfortunately by the time we made it to the resort, last ferry to the paradise beach was gone. It was the sheer disappointment as we could see the glimpse of the golden beach on the island while sun was setting down at another side of the horizon but all these mixed experiences made traveling worth continuing.
Pondicherry Beach
                                          Pondicherry Beach
We drove back to the heart of the city and parked the bikes near the main beach of Pondicherry. The city is well organized with strict traffic rules and clean streets. Pondicherry had a French influence in past which can still be seen in some of the French colonies of the city. We visited those French colonies and tried to appreciate the architectural beauty despite our limited knowledge in archeology. We walked on the road bordering the coastline and rocky beach. It’s a long stretch with plenty of events taking place simultaneously. Precisely, it is the place where you can sit quietly on the rock and stare the infinite ocean and listen the sound of the innocuous waves. There were fishing nets…light houses…anchored vessels…and as the sun dips down, all these objects start fading out offering nature a chance to take its true shape.
Conspiracy for the catches near Pondicherry beach
                                           Conspiracy for the catches near Pondicherry beach
Besides Pondicherry beach, we also drove a lot on the coastline... witnessed stunning fellow travelers also enjoyed delicious seafood in the dinner.  We drove back to Auro beach after dinner and had a walk to the beach in the dark night. With frequent occurrence of the thunder lightning, sea waves seemed more precarious in that drizzling atmosphere yet we kept talking philosophical sequences till mid night. Finally we returned back to the cottage in a hope of reaching paradise beach next morning.

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paradise beach is highly

paradise beach is highly overrated..i agree with you vishnu...

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